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Unmanned was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward prepared to assassinate Laurens Prins after having promised James Kidd he would do so.


Edward met with Kidd atop a windmill.

  • Edward: Wouldn't you prefer meeting in a pub?
  • Kidd: I came to Kingston chasing a target. Getting pissed ain't a priority.
  • Edward: We could work together on this, you know. It's Laurens Prins you're after, and I want his prisoner.
  • Kidd: We're after the Sage, as well, Edward. Careful who you cross.
  • Edward: May the best man win.
  • Kidd: There's guards patrolling that property from end to end. Looks to me like they use bells to signal trouble. See there? We'll want to disable those before pushing too far. With so many men about, we can't rely on stealth alone. So... I'll do what I can to distract and draw their attention, giving you a chance to cut 'em down.

Kidd removed his bandana and reddened his lips with his blood, revealing himself to be a woman.

Unmanned 3

Kidd revealing her true gender

  • Kidd: Ready?
  • Edward: Your name's not James, is it?
  • Kidd: Not most days. Come on.

Edward made his way to the edge of Prins' estate.

  • Kidd: If you see Prins before I do, kill him and there'll be a bit of coin in it for you. All right?
  • Edward: Damn, man! How is it you're a woman!?
  • Kidd: Christ, Edward, is that something that needs explaining? Now, I'm here to do a job. I'll let you be amused later.
  • Guard 1: Oy, wasn't that Spanish fella meant to come up here for a visit? Torres or something?
  • Guard 2: You didn't hear what happened? He was attacked by a couple of brigands on his way here. Buccaneers or the like. A nasty business.
  • Guard 1: Jaysus. Is he all right?
  • Guard 2: Slipped away, from what I heard. Prins ain't too happy neither.
  • Guard 3: Where is Master Prins? Hasn't come out of his manor all day.
  • Guard 4: Still reeling from the attack yesterday. Caused him quite a fright from what I can tell.
  • Guard 3: Well it would, wouldn't it? Imagine that.
  • Guard 5: I reckon I could have gone home with her, if I hadn't been so mean. But we had a row, and I said something nasty about the Pope.
  • Guard 6: That's a bit daft, innit? You know she's Catholic.
  • Guard 5: Yeah, I know she's Catholic. I didn't know the Pope was.

Edward disabled the bells and met with Kidd near the gates.

  • Thompson: Hold! Stand your ground!
  • Kidd: Please, I've been shot! I need aid.
  • Guard 7: Christ, Thompson, look at her. She's hurt.
  • Kidd: Dreadfully, sir. I'm poorly and faint.
  • Thompson: All right. Take an arm, lass.
  • Kidd: Bless you, lads.

She then killed the guards and went in search of the Sage, while Edward went after Prins.

  • Guard 8: Oy! Marlowe! Mister Prins says to keep your eyes peeled tonight! Says there's some men about bent on making trouble.
  • Marlowe: I'll spread the word.
  • Guard 9: The way I it is, sword fighting is a little like making love. It's not always what you do, but what you say.
  • Guard 10: A pity for you, then. You're the most inarticulate bugger I ever met.
  • Guard 9: Oy, man! That ain't... that ain't... nice.

Edward found Prins in the garden and assassinated him.

Unmanned 8

Laurens' final moments

  • Prins: Why hang over me like a leering crow? To see an old man suffer?
  • Edward: You've caused no small portion of suffering yourself, Mr. Prins. Retribution, I suppose.
  • Prins: You absurd cutthroats and your precious philosophy. You live in the world, but you cannot make it move.
  • Edward: You mistake my motive, old man. I'm only after a bit of coin...
  • Prins: As was I, lad. As was I.

Roberts appeared, holding Kidd hostage.

  • Kidd: Head's up, Kenway! I found your man!
  • Roberts: I remember you. The Templar from Havana.
  • Edward: I'm no Templar, mate! That were just a ruse! We've come here to save your arse from this slaver.
  • Roberts: Save me? I work for Mister Prins.
  • Edward: Well then he's a poor man to call master. He meant to sell you out to the Templars.
  • Roberts: You can't trust anyone, it seems.
  • Edward: Roberts!

Roberts shot the alarm bell, allowing him to escape.

Unmanned 12

Mary warning Edward

  • Kidd: Let's move, Kenway! Run! See you on the other side!

Edward lost the guards and met up with Kidd again.

  • Kidd: Lost your man again, did you?
  • Edward: Aye. Roberts is a devil, with a queer aversion to kindness. I suppose that's two men I've lost today. So... what's your real name, lass?
  • Kidd: Mary Read to my mum. And them I call friends. But not a word of it to anyone. Or I'll unman you as well.


Edward assassinated Laurens Prins, but the Sage managed to escape once again.



  • The guards' conversation about the Pope is a reference to a joke from the British sitcom The Young Ones.


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