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Unfortunate Son was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio made his way to the Mercenaries Guild near to the Arsenal, where he met one whose son had been taken by the Templars. Ezio proceeded to assist the mercenaries by rescuing and protecting him from waves of Byzantine guards.


  • Father: The bastards! The damn bastards! I will tear off their arms and use them as clubs!
  • Ezio: Calm, friend. Anger is the enemy of caution.
  • Father: Those Byzantine thugs kidnapped my son, Ezio! To get at me, they attack an innocent boy!
  • Ezio: We can get your son back, but only if we coordinate, and act carefully.
  • Father: Evet. (Yes.) Of course. If you lead, I will follow.

Ezio and the mercenaries found the detained group.

  • Mercenary 1: Is he breathing? Does he live?
  • Mercenary 2: I cannot say. He is as still as a corpse.
  • Mercenary 1: He may yet have a pulse but... I am not trained for such things.
Unfortunate Son 4

Ezio carrying the mercenary's son

Ezio used his Eagle Sense to see if the boy lived or not.

  • Ezio: His heart is weak, but he lives.
  • Mercenary 2: Poison. There is no other explanation.
  • Mercenary 1: If so, there may be a remedy.
  • Ezio: We will get him to a doctor.

Ezio carried the mercenary's son to a doctor.

  • Ezio: Hekim effendi (Doctor, sir), this boy has been poisoned!
  • Doctor: Give me room.
  • Son: Trap... it is a trap.
  • Ezio: Say again?
  • Son: The Templars, they used me as bait. To flush you out. To kill all of you.
  • Mercenary 1: Have we been followed? I would not doubt it.
  • Ezio: Take positions, and be ready for anything.

Ezio and the mercenaries defended their position as the guards attacked.

Unfortunate Son 7

Ezio fighting the Byzantines

  • Ezio: Keep this boy from harm. Let no one get close.
    Hold the line!
    Keep close!
    Do not waver.

All of the guards were killed, and the mercenary's son was returned to a healthy state.

  • Father: My boy! How do you feel?
  • Son: I am fine, father. Stop doting.
  • Mercenary: Well, if you think saving your life is doting, there may be hope for you yet.
  • Son: Ah, ow! I need to lay down.
  • Ezio: Drink water and keep still. Agitation speeds the poison through your body.
  • Father: Tesekkür ederim (Thank you), Ezio. I owe you a great debt.

Ezio took some money from the father's pocket.


Ezio made contact with the Mercenaries Guild in Constantinople, and succeeded in rescuing the detained mercenaries and thwarting the Templars' ambush.


  • The name of the mission was a reference to a famous 1969 song "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival. It is famous during the Vietnam War and it is popular among American soldiers.



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