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Entrance to Hades

The Underworld was an Isu settlement ruled by Hades, later characterised in Greek mythology as one of its afterlives. It is also sometimes referred to as Hades after its patron god.


The Underworld was one of the three Sister Realms, and was home to Hades.


In around 422 BCE, during the Peloponnesian War, the Spartan misthios Kassandra experienced a fictionalized simulation of the Underworld as presented to her by Aletheia. Within the simulations, Kassandra arrived at the Underworld after being thrown down the entrance to it by Persephone.[1] Upon arriving to the Underworld proper, Kassandra was accosted by Cerberos. After defeating the three-headed guard dog in combat, Kassandra came face to face with Hades, who demanded that she find four guardians to replace Cerberos.[2]

Years later, the Assassin Layla Hassan would relive Kassandra's genetic memories of the Simulations, herself guided by Aletheia.[3]


The underworld was divided into four regions; the Chasm of Torment, Mourning Fields, the Path to the Underworld, and the Scorched Lands. The realm also housed the prison Tartaros which held the worst criminals to have died.[4]

Notable was also the river Styx which ran through the realm, though it was rumored to originate in Arkadia.[5]



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