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Under Lock and Key was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


With the correct keyhole revealed, Arno only needed the key to the temple door.


As Léon jumped over the wall into the orphanage courtyard, Arno arrived.

  • Léon: (Hello!)
  • Arno: What have you been doing?
  • Léon: Nothing. Did you find the lock?
  • Arno: Yes. Now I need the key.
  • Léon: You know the soldier carrying the chest for the little commandant? I just saw him in the market.
  • Arno: (Thank you.) And I told you to stay here, remember?
  • Léon: "(Yes, sir.)"
ACU Under Lock and Key 2

Arno talking with Léon

As Arno left, so did Léon. Reaching the market, Arno found the lieutenant with his men.

  • Arno: There you are. Now lead me to the golden key.

Arno tailed the lieutenant.

  • Lieutenant: Alert me if you see anything unusual.
  • Soldier: Yes, sir.

The lieutenant entered a building and spoke with a raider.

  • Lieutenant: What do you have for me this time?
  • Raider 1: Silver, nearly enough to fill a chest.
  • Lieutenant: Give it to me.
  • Raider 1: The Commandant still suspects nothing?
  • Lieutenant: He is occupied in Paris. Your usual fee, plus a promotion.
  • Raider 1: Tres bon. A pleasure doing business with you.

As the lieutenant ran away, Arno chased and caught him.

  • Lieutenant: Guards! I will have you arrested!
  • Arno: You will do no such thing. Tell me the location of the chest containing the golden key or I shall reveal your thievery.
  • Lieutenant: I am merely seeking a harmless profit.
  • Arno: Like a rat hungry for apples?
  • Lieutenant: How did you know-
  • Arno: Surely the Commandant will find the comparison... enlightening.
  • Lieutenant: The chest is under guard within the caverns. Here.

The lieutenant gave Arno the key to the chest.

  • Arno: Merci. Now get out of my sight.

Entering the catacombs, Arno found the raiders' hideout. The raiders detected him.

  • Raider 2: Invader! We will find you!
ACU Under Lock and Key 3

Arno raiding the chest

Arno stole the raiders' loot, inciting a riot among several of them. This made his infiltration easier. He then killed an orator speaking to the raiders, causing a panic among those listening to him. Eventually, Arno found Napoleon's chest and unlocked it, taking the golden key within.

  • Arno: All that security for a key. What lies behind that door?

Arno escaped the catacombs.


By blackmailing Napoleon's lieutenant, Arno was able to unlock the commandant's chest. In it, he found the golden key to the temple door.


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