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Under Attack was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward returned to Antó, who was preparing to defend the Kingston bureau against an assault.


  • Antó: You returned. Have you brought your conscience?
  • Edward: I want... my key.
  • Antó: Patience is a virtue.
  • Edward: Expecting company?
  • Antó: You may have your key sooner than you think. Help us defend the bureau. The men we freed will help.

They defeated the first wave of attackers.

  • Antó: It is too quiet. I do not trust it. There will be more of them. Thin them out before the next wave.

Edward and the slaves killed soldiers in the vicinity.

  • Antó: Fall back!
    Another wave!
    Another wave from the south!
    Another wave from the north!
    There are so many left! This will be difficult!
    There are so many of them, still. It will be tough.
    So many still live! This will not be easy.
Under Attack 3

Edward and the Maroons defending the bureau

They defeated another wave.

  • Antó: Attack!
    Edward! Eliminate as many as you can before the next wave!
    The more of them you kill now, the less effective they will be in the next wave.

Edward killed more soldiers and returned to the bureau.

  • Antó: Retreat!
    Defend me!
    Keep your heads low!
    Another wave from the east!
    Another wave from the west!
    You killed so many. This will be simple.
    This will be easy. You took out so many already.
Under Attack 4

Antó telling Edward about Kenneth Abraham

Together, they eliminated the last of the attackers.

  • Antó: Edward, I am glad you showed up when you did. I'm sorry I have no key to give you, but-
  • Edward: No, the key can wait. Whoever did this, I want to teach them a lesson.
  • Antó: The Templar's name is Kenneth Abraham. He's part of an ongoing war with the Maroons. But we have held strong, and will not be defeated. Let me devise a plan.


Edward, Antó, and the freed slaves successfully defended the Assassin bureau.



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