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Unbreaking the Bank was a virtual representation of one of Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


After the death of Philip Twopenny, Britain's economy was left in danger and counterfeiters had stolen printing plates from the Bank of England. Sergeant Abberline thus had Evie recover the plates to rescue the British economy.


  • Crowd: Highway robbery! That's what it is!
    Oi, you can't keep us down no more!
    How much are our lives worth to you?
    No more exploitation! No more slashed wages!
  • Policemen: Move away, or I'll knick you for insulting an officer!
    Move on, or you'll get in trouble!

While Abberline observed the angry crowd, Evie approached.

ACS S7 Unbreaking the Bank 1

Evie and Abberline talking

  • Evie: What has happened?

Abberline led them away from the crowd.

  • Abberline: Your brother!
  • Evie: What's he done this time?
  • Abberline: The newspapers are all over Twopenny's murder. And, if that weren't enough, someone has stolen the currency printing plates. Was that also Jacob's doing?
  • Evie: I doubt it.
  • Abberline: Now, no one trusts the bank, or England's currency. There-there will be inflation. Riots. Manufacturing will jump to America for the cheap labor. In short, Britain is done for.
  • Evie: Jacob, you've really put your foot in it now. What if... I smuggled the plates back into the bank?
  • Abberline: Well, would certainly help. Better yet, it would call into question the stories on Twopenny's murder... which would restore confidence in the economy.
  • Evie: That's settled, then. Britain lives to see another day.
  • Abberline: Oh, and if it's not too much trouble, would you mind destroying any counterfeit notes you come across so they don't circulate?
  • Evie: Of course.

Evie and Abberline walked together.

  • Abberline: It really is very good of you to help. Follow me. The counterfeit money is being spent nearby. Well, if you can call it counterfeit. With those printing plates, it's nearly impossible to tell the real notes from the fake ones.
  • Evie: Mr. Abberline-
  • Abberline: If this gets out - well, I've said this already. When people don't trust their currency... and we're already seeing riots-
  • Evie: Mr. Abberline-

Abberline cleared his throat.

  • Abberline: I have the utmost faith in you, Ms. Frye.

Evie found a group of counterfeiters and tailed them.

  • Counterfeiter 1: You two. Follow me. I don't wish to be robbed on my way to the cart.
  • Evie: The counterfeiters.
  • Counterfeiter 2: Heard about the rioting at the bank?
  • Counterfeiter 3: They can riot all they like. We won't be giving back those plates.
  • Counterfeiter 2: What difference does it make? It's not like he has any real cash on him.
  • Counterfeiter 3: Since we've got the printing plates, it's all real cash.
  • Counterfeiter 2: Did you hear those crowds? Sounds like all of London is rioting.
  • Counterfeiter 3: Nothing to do with us.
  • Evie: I can't believe Jacob's managed to shatter the entire economy. Father was right. He acts in haste... and repents not at all.

One of the counterfeiters mounted a carriage.

  • Driver: Where to now, sir?
  • Counterfeiter 1: Back home, if you please.
  • Driver: Have you seen the papers today?
  • Counterfeiter 1: You mean about Twopenny's murder? Yes. A terrible shame, but it worked out all right for us, didn't it?
  • Driver: You're not worried that the police will be asking after you? Someone might've seen you going into the bank.
  • Counterfeiter 1: My good man, you're not worried, are you? Let your conscience be at ease. I am not responsible for Twopenny's death. I merely took advantage of a... fortuitous situation. If Scotland Yard comes nosing around, I was at that bank on business, and you know nothing else about it. I'll see you're given double your salary for your trouble.
  • Driver: Paid in your counterfeit bills, no doubt.
  • Counterfeiter 1: I didn't quite catch that.
  • Driver: Nothing at all, sir.

The counterfeiter left the carriage and entered his hideout.

  • Counterfeiter 1: Keep your eyes open! Anyone could be trying to get in.
  • Counterfeiter 4: Yes, sir.
  • Counterfeiter 1: Keep this place locked down.
  • Counterfeiter 4: Yes, sir.
  • Counterfeiter 1: Guard this place as you would the Bank of England itself.
  • Counterfeiter 4: Absolutely, sir.
    Must have been a tough find getting those plates.
  • Counterfeiter 5: Not at all. We just walked right in on the chaos.
  • Counterfeiter 4: Nobody stopped you?

Infiltrating the hideout, Evie burned a set of counterfeit bank notes and recovered the printing plates.

  • Evie: Now to sneak these bank into the bank.

Evie made her way to the Bank of England, where a crowd was barred from entering.

  • Guard: Keep your distance!
    Nobody gets in without my saying so!
    You can yell all you want. You're not getting in if it's up to me.
    I said stay back! No one gets in!
  • Crowd: You absolute bunch of bankers are being wankered!
    I shall not leave without my pounds, my shillings and my pence, sir!
    I've read the papers. This'll be the ruin of us!
    You have a lot to answer for!
    I want you to tell me if this money's real or not, come on, then!
    Something must be done! You ought to be ashamed!
    This is an outrage!
  • Evie: This could be rather useful.

Evie allowed the crowd to enter by removing the guard holding them back. Upon infiltrating the bank, she returned the printing plates.

  • Evie: There. As if they were never taken.
ACS S7 Unbreaking the Bank 3

Abberline thanking Evie

After escaping the bank, she met with Abberline.

  • Abberline: Well, the London papers are running a story about how it was all a hoax. No more riots! Faith in the bank restored! Finally, I might get a quiet night on patrol. Ms. Frye, I can't thank you enough.
  • Evie: Glad we've averted catastrophe, Sergeant. Although it's Jacob who should be thanking me.


Evie returned the printing plates to the Bank of England, restoring faith in the economy and preventing a financial breakdown.


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