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Ulterior Votive was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


In response to a plea from Menehet, Bayek investigates the sale of false religious icons in the Yamu market.


Bayek visited the village market to investigate.

  • Customers: This looks like a child made it!
    These cat mummies are false!
    I won't pay one drachma for this!
    Why, there's nothing but straw in here!
    You filthy neket iadet! How dare you try to trick me into paying for this junk?
    My sister told me she bought a statuette from you, and it broke.
    You sold me an amulet of Hathor, and my wife got sick anyway!

Bayek spoke to one of the merchants.

  • Bayek: Greetings, I am--
  • Merchant 1: You have come to the right place, neb! We have everything you could possibly one!
  • Bayek: What I want is to ask about false idols sold at the market.
  • Merchant 1: I have heard rumors of such, but there is nothing to them. Now leave, if you want to avoid trouble.

Bayek spoke to another merchant.

  • Bayek: Do you know anything of flawed mummies sold to tourists?
  • Merchant 2: If you are not here to buy, I have no time for your questions.
  • Bayek: Menehet, the priest is concerned about the--
  • Merchant 2: And I am concerned about my business, so keep your distance!

Bayek spoke to another merchant.

  • Bayek: Tell me of the fake mummies being sold here.
  • Baqet: I have no desire to be dragged into this.
  • Bayek: Menehet sends me. Your silence is an insult to his holy office.
  • Baqet: Er, I wish to anger neither him nor the gods. We are forced to sell items of lesser quality, or see our stalls destroyed.
  • Bayek: Who is behind this?
  • Baqet: I can say no more now. Let us meet tonight, where the village turns to farmland.

The merchant left and returned to his hut. That night, Bayek met him at the hut.

  • Baqet: My friend! I am glad to see you have kept our appointment. Come, sit with me and share a drink of wine.
  • Bayek: I do not have time for that.
  • Baqet: It is a beautiful night. Let us enjoy the coolness of the air for a moment before turning to business.
  • Bayek: Merchant, I am not here to take in the air. Who is behind the traffic of false icons?
  • Baqet: Well, you see, it is no simple story. There are many involved in this terrible affair, but they would all tell you the same thing... "Pity the trusting man, for he suffers great pain."

Several bandits arrived and attacked Bayek.

  • Baqet: Seek evil, and you will always find it!
    Sailing unknown waters always brings the risk of shipwreck!
    The path to knowledge is perilous!
  • Bandit 1: No one will find your body once we feed it to the crocodiles!
  • Bandit 2: I can't wait to see what guts look like. Eat shit, Medjay scum!
  • Bandit 3: This one's a worthy fighter. A shame his curiosity will be fatal.
ACO Ulterior Votive - Bayek Questioning Baqet

Bayek confronting Baqet

Bayek eliminated the bandits. He confronted the terrified merchant.

  • Baqet: A man who fights as well as you can perhaps afford to be trusting.
  • Bayek: Talk, or you will meet the same fate as your friends.
  • Baqet: That will not be necessary. Among the dunes southeast of here is the bandit camp where the fake mummies are made. I suppose you will go and destroy it now.
  • Bayek: Better I smash the camp than your head.

Baqet ran away, and Bayek made his way to the bandit camp in the desert.

  • Bayek: Destroying these forgeries will earn the favor of the gods. As Ra lives! What a disgrace.

Bayek sneaked his way inside the camp, where he overheard a conversation between the bandits.

  • Bandit 1: Can you believe how stupid these Greeks are? They wouldn't be able to tell a live cat from a dead one, never mind a cat from a straw one!
  • Bandit 2: Watch your tone. My father's a Greek.
  • Bandit 1: Oh, really? Then I have some cats to sell him.
  • Bandit 2: Shut up and get back to work.

Bayek eliminated the bandits and destroyed the caches of false religious products.

  • Bayek: Menehet will rest easy, now that this is done.

Bayek returned to Menehet in the temple in Yamu.

  • Menehet: Ah, here you are!
  • Bayek: I have dealt with the trafficking of false mummies.
  • Menehet: Thank you.
  • Bayek: Heh, how can I ease the burdens of an old friend.


Bayek uncovered the source of false mummies found in the market and destroyed the bandit camp responsible.


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