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Ugo was a member of the Venetian Thieves Guild led by Antonio de Magianis during the 15th century.


In 1481, Ugo participated in a failed attack on the Palazzo della Seta. During the attack, Rosa, one of Ugo's fellow thieves, took an arrow to the leg. With the help of Ezio Auditore, Ugo managed to escort Rosa via gondola to the safety of the Guild, where he, Ezio, and Antonio dressed Rosa's wound.[1]

Later, Ugo requested Ezio to liberate several thieves who had been captured during the assault on the palazzo.[2] After Ezio released them, Ugo instructed him to steal pieces of armor around the city for their second assault on the Palazzo della Seta.[3]

After Ezio collected the armor and the preparations were finished, Ugo assisted in coordinating the attack on the palazzo. With Ugo's direction, Ezio successfully infiltrated the Palazzo and assassinated Emilio Barbarigo.[4]

Personality and characteristics[]

Ugo was a very dubious man, acting rather hostile towards Ezio, an outsider, for involving himself so readily in the workings of the Guild. However, after Ezio had proven his loyalty, Ugo began to trust him more.[5]

Ugo was also quite protective of Rosa, though the nature of their relationship is not properly known.[5]





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