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UHJvdGVjdGlvbg0K was an incomplete virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


Shay continued to hunt the criminals chasing Benjamin Franklin.


  • Violet: Got it. Shay's in Paris alright. I even got a date for you. 1776.
  • Berg: At this point in time, Franklin was the American ambassador to France.
  • Violet: Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Otso Berg: Professional killer and amateur historian.

Shay found Franklin being threatened by criminals.

  • Franklin: (Stop!) What are you doing? I have no quarrel with you!
  • Criminal 1: You uncultured swine, you should not have left your backwater colony!
  • Criminal 2: (Yeah, go back to Boston!)
  • Franklin: Philadelphia, actually...
  • Criminal 1: Oh! So he's a comedian too?
  • Franklin: Help! Help!

Shay killed the criminals.

Protection 2

Franklin recognizing Shay

  • Franklin: Shay, is that you? How long has it been? Er, where are my manners. Thank you, my friend, thank you! But... what are you doing in Paris?
  • Shay: With all due respect, sir, this is no time to talk. You're still in danger.
  • Franklin: Yes, I... I must return to my family.

Shay escorted Franklin to his house, killing the criminals lying in wait.

  • Franklin: Ah, thank you, Shay. Please, wait for me. I just want to make sure my family is safe.

As Franklin went inside, Shay eliminated the criminals hiding near the residence. A chocked Franklin came out a short time after.

  • Franklin: How... How did you do that? It was quite... fortunate.
  • Shay: I make my own luck, Master Franklin. As I suspect you do.
  • Franklin: Yes indeed, my good fellow. Yet, without your assistance today... Well, you have my thanks, Shay. Is there anything I can do for you? To repay you for this... er, kindness?
Protection 7

Franklin agreeing to help Shay

  • Shay: Actually, there is. I need to meet... a business acquaintance. I heard he would be at the Château de Versailles, two days from now.
  • Franklin: And they don't just let anyone inside the royal palace. Very well. I'll see what can be arranged.


Shay rescued Benjamin Franklin, and was able to gain access to the royal palace at Versailles.


  • The memory title is encoded in Base64. The decoded name is "Protection".



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