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A mural depicting Zeus defeating Typhon

Typhon was a monstrous serpent-like creature in the Greek mythology. He was said to be either of the son of Gaia and Tartaros, or of Hera, or of Kronos.

At some point, Typhon challenged the king of the gods of Zeus to overthrow him and take his place. However, he was defeated by Zeus, who won with the aid of his powerful thunderbolts. With this loss, Typhon was said to be either cast into Tartaros, or buried under Mount Etna in Sicily,[1] or buried in Boeotia.[2]

Influence and Legacy

By the 5th century BCE, murals depicting his defeat by Zeus could be found in many temples across the Greek world. A region of Melos consisting of two active volcanic islands was known as the Typhon's Revenge.[2]

During the Peloponnesian War, a pirate trireme called the Damysos sailed the Aegean Sea sporting sails featuring the likeness of Typhon. After defeating the Damysos, the Spartan misthios Kassandra claimed its sails and finery for the ship Adrestia. Kassandra also obtained a large mace allegedly belonging to Typhon.[2]





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