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ACRG Two Bends

Two Bends

Two Bends was a British settlement in the south of River Valley, Virginia.


By the mid-18th century, Two Bends was a thriving settlement located on a hilltop, with several farming plantations. The town was situated amongst forests that were populated by bears.

Prior to the Seven Years' War, the Colonial Assassins had a gang headquarters built in the heart of the settlement and would meet there often to discuss plans or courses of action. In July 1752, the Assassins Shay Cormac, Liam O'Brien, Hope Jensen, Kesegowaase and Mentor Achilles Davenport traveled to Two Bends to report on their findings regarding the Precursor box and plot the assassination of Lawrence Washington.

Three years later, Shay, Hope and Achilles met up at Two Bends again, with Achilles tasking Shay to retrieve a Piece of Eden from the Isu Temple in Lisbon. Said plan would go awry and eventually lead to Shay's defection from the Brotherhood; he would later ally with the Templars and destroy the headquarters on Two Bends.


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