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Tutti a Bordo was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


While Ezio Auditore and Leonardo da Vinci were in Romagna, they planned on sailing to Venice by boat. Leonardo had a pass, however, Ezio did not, and had to obtain one quickly before the boat set sail.


Tutti a Bordo 3

Ship's captain denying entrance

  • Leonardo: Ezio! Here! Over here! Thank you, Ezio! You saved my life!
  • Ezio: I did what had to be done. You would have done the same.
  • Leonardo: I doubt it. Bravery is not my strong suit. I owe you a debt, brother.
  • Ezio: Di niente. (It's nothing.)
  • Captain: Tutti a bordo! Fra poco si salpa! (All aboard! We're leaving soon!)
  • Leonardo: That's our traghetto (ferry.) Venezia awaits!
  • Captain: Where's your pass?
  • Ezio: What pass?
  • Leonardo: You don't have a pass?
  • Captain: You cannot enter Venezia without a pass. Who invited you?
  • Ezio: Um... Nobody.
  • Captain: Basta! (Stop!) No pass, no entrance.
Tutti a Bordo 4

Caterina Sforza stranded

  • Ezio: Don't worry, Leonardo. I'll come up with something.
  • Caterina: Don't just stand there! I need help!

Ezio searched for a boat to help the screaming woman.

  • Caterina: Dio del Cielo! Aiutatemi! (For Christ's sake! Help me!)
    Qualcuno mi aiuti! Non so nuotare! (Somebody help me! I can't swim!)
    Aiuto! Qualcuno mi faccia scendere da quest' affare! Aiutatemi! (Help! Someone get me off this thing! Help me!)

Ezio arrived with the boat.

  • Ezio: Madonna.
  • Caterina: Oh, you're good. The ladies must like you.
  • Ezio: I wasn't looking to impress. Only to help someone in distress.
  • Caterina: Which is exactly WHY you impress. And you are Messer...?
  • Ezio: Auditore. But, please, call me Ezio.
  • Caterina: I'm Caterina. Now, Ezio, we must find you suitable reward... Do you have any suggestions?
  • Ezio: There is—perhaps—something you could help me with...
  • Caterina: I'm all ears...

Caterina spoke with the captain.

Tutti a Bordo 7

Caterina having a talk with the Captain

  • Captain: Yes Signora... Whatever you say Signora...

Caterina turned to Ezio.

  • Caterina: He won't trouble you any more. I... took care of it.
  • Ezio: Thank you, Caterina.
  • Caterina: Perhaps we'll see each other again... Should you ever find yourself in the city of Forlì, it would be my pleasure to welcome you...
  • Ezio: I look forward to enjoying your hospitality.

Caterina left.

  • Captain: Please accept my most humble apologies, Messere. (Sir.) Had I known...
  • Ezio: It's quite alright, my friend.

Ezio and Leonardo set sail for Venice.

  • Leonardo: Be careful, Ezio. Do you know who that was?
  • Ezio: My next conquest?
  • Leonardo: I don't think so, Ezio! That's Caterina Sforza, daughter of the Duca di Milano. Her husband
  • Ezio: Husband?
  • Leonardo: Si. (Yes.) Her husband is the Lord of Forlì. That woman is as powerful and dangerous as she is young and beautiful.
  • Ezio: Sembra come una donna per me. (Sounds like my kind of lady.)


Ezio met Caterina Sforza, and he set sail for Venice.



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