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"Now, do you see, Ayar? I have always been right about this girl. She is no inca. As she was a traitor to your marriage so she is to the emperor. In his name I sentence her to death."
―Tuti Cusi accusing Quila for treason and plotting against the Emperor, 1536[src]

Tuti Cusi, was a powerful and wealthy councilor of the Incan Emperor, Manco Inca Yupanqui, during the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire in the 16th century. A very successful merchant, he was also the father of Ayar Acar and the former father-in-law of Quila after she left his son to become a courier, bringing dishonor on Ayar and his family.


During the Siege of Cuzco in 1536, Tuti Cusi met Quila again after she left his son years ago when Ayar brought her to him after she told him about a plot to kill the Emperor. Ayar's father didn't believe her since the proof had been destroyed on her way to Cusco and because he was still holding a grudge against her for leaving his son. As Ayar was arguing with his father about Quila's trustworthiness, Don Gonzalez Pardo, the drunk travel companion of Quila, erupted into the audience room, prompting Ayar's father to accuse Quila of conspiring with a conquistador. He then sentenced both Quila and Pardo to die and had the guards drag them away under the eyes of a conflicted but silent Ayar.[1] As Quila protested of her innocence, Tuti Cusi revealed to the shocked woman that he saw Pardo years ago standing above the body of Emperor Atahualpa and ordered his son to personally execute them as sacrifice.[2]

On their way to the execution site, Pardo revealed that he had infiltrated the Spanish camp and discovered that the Spanish allied themselves with an Inca merchant who was also the one who sent the message unveiling the plot and intercepted by Quila. As she was dragged toward Ayar to be executed, Quila finally understood that the traitor was Tuti Cusi, his contacts with the Spanish explaining why he knew Pardo by his name and why he didn't even tried to warn Emperor Manco about a potential threat.[2]

Later, Tuti Cusi was celebrating Inti Raymi with the Emperor in his private chambers until Quila jumped on the Manco trying to prevent him from drinking his cup, believing that it was poisoned. However, Tuti Cusi's true plan was to have his hidden assassin kill Manco and his guard and then pretend that he was heroically injured by the fleeing assassin. As the assassin killed the guard and was preparing to do the same to Manco, Tuti Cusi revealed that his new plan was to kill Quila and pretend that she was the murderer. Suddenly, Pardo jumped on the assassin preventing him from killing Manco and together with Quila they killed Tuti Cusi's man.[3]

One of his finger almost cut off by Quila, Tuti Cusi fled, and meeting a group of soldiers led by his son tried to sent them after her. However, Ayar who had been convinced by Quila and was the one who helped her to enter the palace, knocked his traitorous father with a punch.[3]