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Tuta was a street urchin living in Zawty, Egypt during the 1st century with his father, Paneb.

In 70 BCE, Tuta met Bayek and Aya. Bayek chased him across rooftops, until Paneb attacked him. Aya saved Bayek, knocking Paneb unconscious, and they fled with Tuta to Thebes, where they met Kensa. Together, they continued looking for Bayek's father, Sabu. Tutas’ father was an aggressive drunk, who had a history of domestic abuse, mainly targeting the mother of Tuta and himself. His father showed a preference to Tutas’ sister Kiya. When Tuta was found by his father once again, Tuta was asked to take part in a robbery, which Tuta agreed to but never actually did. Up until then, Tuta had been living with his mother and sister and refused to disclose his location to his father. However, eventually Tuta was found by his father, who was drunk and enraged. When Tuta told him that he hadn’t seen his mother or sister in years, his father told him that they had no right to leave him. A few seconds later, his father stabbed Tuta in the stomach, before fleeing the scene. As he lay dying, Bayek arrived. Tuta then told him to protect his mother and sister, before fading away. Bayek then swept Tuta with a white feather, an object that Tuta had always loved, collecting some blood as he did so, before vowing to avenge Tuta. This was the origin of the tradition of assassins collecting a bit of blood from their targets.



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