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Turtle, Snake, Bear, Paper, Scissors was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


A distressed citizen asked Arno to kill three thugs terrorizing the markets near the Bièvre.


  • Citizen 1: We can't take much more.
    Three men are terrorizing the neighborhood. Stealing, fighting, drinking, passing off counterfeit money, taking whatever and whoever they want. If we resist, they threaten us with the guillotine! They have names for themselves: the big one's the Turtle, the slimy one calls himself the Snake and the really, really brutal one is the Bear. All right in front of us, all around the marketplace.

Arno found the first thug.

  • Thug 1: What have we here?
  • Citizen 2: My bracelet!
  • Thug 1: So many lovely things!
  • Citizen 3: Where'd my money pouch go?
  • Thug 1: I love being out among the people! I don't like the looks of that one! Take him down.

Arno killed him and found the second thug.

  • Thug 2: That lot won't complain again, that's for damn sure.
  • Gang member: Did you see the face on that fish-monger? I nearly shit my pants!
  • Thug 2: Not as bad as he shit his!

Arno killed the second thug, as well as the third, before escaping the area.


Arno killed the three thugs, freeing the Bièvre district from their oppression.



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