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Turo was a farmer living near Dionysias, Egypt, during the 1st century BCE.

At some point prior to 48 BCE, the honour of Turo's daughter was endangered, and Rahotep's father took a lashing to protect it, leaving Turo in debt.[1]

Around 48 BCE, Turo's village was attacked by bandits following the Son of Ra, and the villagers were captured. This gave birth to rumors that villages were disappearing, due to demons. The rumors were fed by one of the farmers who managed to escape, Addaya, who had been apparently driven mad by what he'd gone through, insisting on being tortured by demons and monsters.[1]

The Medjay Bayek of Siwa met Addaya, and the man's ranting led the Medjay to Rahotep, and together they sought to save what remained of the villagers. Bayek infiltrated the bandits' hideout, and freed the Dionysiotes, escorting them out, where Rahotep greeted them, to Turo's delight.[1]

After a brief discussion, the farmers decided to raid the bandits' other hideout nearby. With the help of Bayek, they dealt with the bandits, and found Rahotep's father. Though badly hurt and blinded, the man was able to recover, and the farmers embraced each other.[1]



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