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Trojan Horse was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus 2.01.


Ezio Auditore succeeded in obtaining French armor for Bartolomeo d'Alviano's men, and then ventured to the location where Bartolomeo and his mercenaries had gathered.


Ezio and the mercenaries put on their armor.

  • Bartolomeo: Bring me a suit of that perverted armor.
Trojan 2

Ezio explaining his plan

  • Ezio: You are not wearing one.
  • Bartolomeo: What?
  • Ezio: It is part of the plan. You surrendered to us. We are bringing you to the Baron.
  • Bartolomeo: Ah, yes. Then what?
  • Ezio: Your men attack on my signal.
  • Bartolomeo: Bene (Good). Go change into costume. Dawn approaches.

Ezio led Bartolomeo and the disguised mercenaries to the French camp. They eventually reached a checkpoint, but Ezio quickly killed the guards.

  • Mercenary: We must follow the patrol route. We cannot deviate or the Duc's men will know something is wrong.
  • Bartolomeo: The Baron thinks Cesare will allow the French to rule Italy. He's so blinded by the trickle of royalty in his blood, that lazy inbred can't see the battlefield. Whatever the French may think, Cesare intends to be king.

The group reached another checkpoint.

  • Bartolomeo: More troops up ahead!

Ezio killed the guards, and the group moved on.

  • Bartolomeo: Your plan is brillante (brilliant), but I don't like using this kind of trick. I believe in fair fighting, may the best man win.
  • Ezio: Cesare and the Baron seem to have a different style.
  • Bartolomeo: "There will come a day in which men no longer cheat each other. And on that day we will see what mankind is truly capable of."
  • Ezio: I've heard that before...
  • Bartolomeo: It is something your father once wrote.

The group reached another checkpoint.

  • Ezio: I will take care of them.

Ezio killed the guards, and the group moved on to the next checkpoint.

  • Bartolomeo: Stop them before they attack us.
Trojan 5

Ezio presenting Bartolomeo at the camp's gates

With the guards dead, Ezio and the others entered the French camp without being detected.

  • Gatekeeper: Que venez-vous faire ici? (Declare yourself.)
  • Ezio: Mes soldats conduisent le capitaine italien à Son Excellence le Baron. Il veut se rendre.
    (My soldiers are taking the Italian captain to His Excellency the Baron. He wants to surrender.)
  • Gatekeeper: What part of France are you from?
  • Ezio: Montréal.
  • Gatekeeper: Open the gates!

Bartolomeo and Ezio shared a few words under their breath.

  • Bartolomeo: You speak French?
  • Ezio: There were a couple of French girls in Firenze.

Ezio led Bartolomeo and his disguised troops into the French camp. On the way, many French soldiers insulted Bartolomeo.

  • Guard 1: Chien d'Italien. (Italian dog.)
Trojan 8

Octavian threatening Pantasilea

  • Guard 2: Regardez-le, il a honte de ce qu'il est! (Look at him, he is ashamed of what he is!)

Finally, they reached the inside of the camp to speak with Octavian.

  • Octavian: Général d'Alviano. It seems that you have seen the light.
  • Bartolomeo: Enough of your crap. Release my wife.
  • Octavian: Such entitlement from a man born with nothing to his name.
  • Bartolomeo: Mine is worth its currency. Unlike yours, which is counterfeit.
  • Octavian: How dare you?
  • Bartolomeo: You think that commanding an army grants you nobility? Nobility comes from fighting besides your soldiers, not kidnapping a woman to cheat your way out of battle. Why don't you grow a pair and release my wife?
  • Octavian: You savages never learn.

As Octavian pointed his wheel-lock pistol at Pantasilea Baglioni, Ezio signaled the mercenaries to attack by firing his Hidden Gun into the air. Startled, Octavian left the courtyard along with his prisoner.


Ezio succeeded in infiltrating the French camp along with Bartolomeo and his mercenaries, though the Baron de Valois retreated with Pantasilea into his inner fortress.


  • Ezio's claim that he came from Montréal could be considered a reference to Ubisoft Montreal, the developers of the Assassin's Creed series.
  • Ezio spoke French with a heavy English accent, rather than an Italian one.
  • If Ezio reached the guards at the first gate ahead of Bartolomeo and the mercenaries, they would speak in Italian rather than French.
  • The memory's name references of a large wooden horse with the same name during the Trojan War. Here, when the Trojans were still a formidable force, the Greeks decided to fake their surrender by bringing a large wooden horse as a gift to the Trojans as part of their feigned surrender. Here, while the Trojans were asleep and unaware of the true nature of the surrender, the Greeks attacked them and burned the city to the ground, much on how Ezio and Bartolomeo defeated the Baron and his forces inside their own headquarters.



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