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Triple Theft was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob helped Roth kidnap three of Starrick's important associates.


Jacob entered the Alhambra Music Hall, where Roth was admiring his pet crow.

  • Roth: Jacob! He is beautiful, isn't he? I've planned the perfect second outing for us!
  • Jacob: Have you?
  • Roth: There's borrowing to be done. Three of Starrick's henchmen are about to disappear.
  • Jacob: Oh, you sly devil.
  • Roth: Oh! And I'm coming along this time. There is no sense in giving you all the glory. Off to my carriage we go! Lewis!

Jacob and Roth left the Alhambra.

  • Roth: Jacob! Our carriage awaits! You know how it is. You drive.

Jacob took the reins to Roth's carriage.

  • Roth: These cowardly fools under Starrick have built their own prisons. It's a dreadful waste.
  • Jacob: They could be building gangs instead?
  • Roth: No, no! Why build, when you can ebb and flow like the sea? I would not deign to pin them down.
  • Jacob: Oh, you wouldn't, would you? What about your bird?
  • Roth: It's not building anything. It just is, my dear.
On their Way M2

Jacob and Roth approach the National Gallery

They approached the National Gallery.

  • Roth: I dare say I shall never tire of the National Gallery.
  • Jacob: Why does Starrick interest himself with art?
  • Roth: He's hired a fiendishly talented woman, one Hattie Cadwallader, to procure works for him. She has excellent taste.
  • Jacob: We're kidnapping her for the sin of being Starrick's collector?

Jacob dismounted the carriage.

  • Jacob: Bring your carriage around and wait for the cargo. I shan't be very long.

He searched the National Gallery for clues about Cadwallader's location.

  • Jacob: Someone around here must know Miss Hattie Cadwallader...

Jacob approached a girl.

  • Jacob: I'm looking for Miss Hattie Cadwallader.
  • Girl: Ain't seen her... I knows what she's been up to, though.
  • Jacob: And what's that?
  • Girl: Prigging art, sir. She pinched a statue not far from here.
  • Jacob: Now where is that statue...

Jacob found a pedestal missing its statue and approached a boy.

  • Jacob: Hey, smallie! Know anything about what happened here?
  • Boy: I saw who pinched it, sir.
  • Jacob: Miss Cadwallader?
  • Boy: She hides down the sewers, sir.
  • Jacob: Of course it's sewers.
Jacob capturing First Target M2

Jacob grabs Hattie Cadwallader from behind

Jacob infiltrated the sewers where Cadwallader had hidden the statue. He then grabbed her from behind.

  • Cadwallader: Tell Mr. Starrick his next delivery is on its way. And tell him too that I'm growing tired of these working conditions.
  • Jacob: Wasn't Starrick who sent me.
  • Cadwallader: Then who?
  • Jacob: Maxwell Roth sends his regards.
  • Cadwallader: Oi! Leave off, or you'll be sorry!
    Take your hands off me, sir, or you'll be sorry!
  • Jacob: Shh...
    Hush, madam.

Jacob brought Cadwallader to the carriage.

  • Roth: Why, Miss Cadwallader! What a pleasant surprise!
  • Cadwallader: You'll be hearing from Mr. Starrick, Roth!
  • Roth: Ha! I look forward to it!

Jacob shoved Cadwallader inside the carriage and took the reins.

  • Jacob: Why the Alhambra?
  • Roth: Every good criminal needs a place to invets his ill-gotten gains. And what's better than distracting the world with a little light entertainment while you do so?
  • Jacob: Oh, come now. You can't tell me you don't enjoy the triumph of a well-received play? The plaudits and praise? The reviews?
  • Roth: I enjoy being entertained, Jacob! If one the productions pleases me, I am over the moon. The theatre is in my blood. As you so astutely discerned, theatricality is... something of a Roth speciality.

Jacob and Roth approached St James' Park.

  • Roth: Ah, the park. The dwelling place of Starrick's head of security, one Benjamin Raffles. Those who cross him tend to disappear without warning.
  • Jacob: Sounds like we'll be fast friends.
  • Roth: Be careful. His guards are never far away.
Jacob capturing Second Target M2

Jacob kidnaps Benjamin Raffles

Jacob dismounted the carriage and infiltrated the park, where he grabbed Raffles from behind.

  • Raffles: What the meaning o' this?! Did Roth send you? The villain!
  • Jacob: You have your villains mixed up, Mr. Raffles. The man you work for is the real villain here.
  • Raffles: Let. Me. Go!
  • Jacob: Keep your voice down.
    Quiet, Mr. Raffles.
    Hush now.

Jacob brough Raffles to the carriage.

  • Roth: My most fragrant Raffles! How very good to see you again!
  • Raffles: Go to hell, Roth!
  • Roth: It's into the back with you, then.

Jacob shoved Raffles inside the carriage and took the reins.

  • Jacob: Who is this Lewis that works for you?
  • Roth: Ha! A bit of an odd fish, isn't he? Came to me a few years past.
  • Jacob: He's very solemn.
  • Roth: But always so polite! And he has many other talents.
  • Jacob: Who am I looking for?
  • Roth: Chester Swinebourne. A copper by day and snitch by night. Remove him from the pack and you cut Starrick's ties to the police force.
  • Jacob: Must be good at what he does to keep the charade going for so long.
  • Roth: He is indeed, dear boy.

Jacob and Roth reached Scotland Yard, where the latter dismounted the carriage.

  • Jacob: All these bobbies give me gooseflesh.
  • Roth: Welcome to Scotland Yard.
Jacob about to capture Third Target M2

Jacob about to kidnap Chester Swinebourne

Jacob infiltrated Scotland Yard and grabbed Swinebourne from behind.

  • Swinebourne: Huh?! What?!
  • Jacob: Now, now, Swinebourne. Let's not make a scene.
  • Swinebourne: You're not going to get away with this!
  • Jacob: Oh, but I am.
  • Swinebourne: Where are you taking me?
  • Jacob: A friend would like to say a quick how d'ye do.
  • Swinebourne: Cease and desist!
  • Jacob: Hush!
    Quiet, please.

Jacob brough Swinebourne to the carriage.

  • Roth: Chester!
  • Swinebourne: Roth? It's been a while.
  • Roth: You've really let yourself go. Shame. Now, it's into the back with you!

Jacob shoved Swinebourne into the carriage and drove it to a delivery point at the Thames. There, Starrick's henchmen were brought aboard a boat.

  • Roth: Excellent work. Do come find me at the Alhambra. I have more amusements planned for us!

Roth boarded the boat and sailed away.


Jacob and Roth kidnapped Starrick's henchmen, weakening the Templar's hold on London.



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