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Trip mine

Trip mines were explosives used at the time of the American Revolution by the Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton.


Trip mines acted in a similar fashion to the bombs used by the Ottoman Assassins in that they were placed at a strategic location on the ground, and whenever someone stepped onto the mine, it would trigger an explosion, killing anyone within the blast radius.[1]

However, while the bombs used by the Ottoman Assassins had not just lethal, but also tactical and diversional uses, the trip mines used by Ratonhnhaké:ton were strictly lethal. Aware of this, if he placed a trip mine in front of the guards, they would immediately engage him in open conflict.[1]


Ratonhnhaké:ton could purchase trip mines from any general store in Boston, New York, and the Frontier. They could also be crafted by David Walston in the Homestead using a mixture of clay, flint, and black powder.[1]