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Trian (died c. 879), also known as The Mist, was an Irish Druidic priest in the cult known as the Children of Danu. Trian held the title of High Druid.


Raised as a pagan, Trian became highly obsessive with the god, Crom Cruach, who was seen as one of the most bloodiest pagan gods. Trian spend his time in honor of Crom Cruach by creating small effigies of the god. Accepting the Children of Danu's invitation, Trian used his effigies as a selling point to join the cult. Along with the chanting and sacrificial rituals, Trian worked miracles in recruiting and expanding the minds of any new acolyte.[1]

The cryptonym of "The Mist" came across the Viking jarlskona Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan when she assassinated The Blaze and recovered a clue from his personal effects. The clue was a note to The Blaze from The Ash, who stated that The Mist was doing well in recruiting new members under false pretenses. The recruitment operation was stated to be worked out of a stone circle of Doon Daven, in northern Ulster. At the Doon Daven, a note was found by Eivor near the druid statue within the stone circle. The note was a recruitment message from The Mist and the next location of their meet. The location was the burned fields with a decaying boat run, north of Aileach and west of Foyne Reservoir.[2]

At the fields, another note was discovered near a sacrificed bird and it stated to a fellow acolyte of how he missed fire sacrifices that explained this world. From all of the clues, The Mist's identity was deduced to be Trian and his location was at an inlet at Ulster's western bays, northwest of Foyne Reservoir, the Doon Fort. At the fort, Trian, who was surrounded by his fellow acolytes, surveyed the area as Eivor came in closer. Unbeknownst to him, Trian was quickly assassinated by Eivor, thus ending his role as a recruiter for the Children of Danu. Among his personal effects, Trian's amber shard was recovered by Eivor.[2]




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