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The Trial of the Gods is a timed weekly community event in Assassin's Creed: Origins.


In 2017, while exploring the memories of the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, Layla Hassan discovered that an emotion sensor overload in the Animus resulted in glitches that took the approximate form of three Egyptian gods: Anubis in the Great Sand Sea, Sekhmet in the Desheret Desert and Sobek in Herakleion Nome. In order to protect the Animus data, Layla had to combat the glitches.[1]

Game mechanics

Two of the three gods can be fought each week: one god with a "normal" level (level 55 maximum), and one god with a high level (level 58 maximum). Beating one of these gods gives you the reward mentioned in the table below. Only one reward can be won per week: for the next reward, you must wait the next week. Beating a god makes you automatically participating to the Ubisoft Club weekly community challenge.[1]


Normal god defeated Difficult god defeated Weekly community challenge completed
First fight (swords) Conductor of Souls Sword of the Duat Sunslayer
Second fight (scepters) Was scepter The Sekhmet The Jackal
Third fight (shields) Tomb Protector Ammit Shield of Aaru
Fourth fight (warrior bows + outfits)

Scales of Truth + Dark Side of the Moon

Jackal's Gaze + Revenge of Anubis Assessor of Ma'at + Radiance of Anubis


  • During the development, the event was also called 'Juno event'.




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