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"With this, I don't have to be afraid anymore. I've been a weakling and a coward, and now I'm as powerful as a god!"
―Barnabas to Kassandra, c. 422 BCE[src]-[m]

he Treasure Hunter's Apple of Eden was one of several Apples of Eden, leftover pieces of technology created by the ancient Isu. It was found and destroyed by Kassandra during her time on the island of Korfu.


  • Isu (? – ?)
  • Unknown treasure hunter (? - ?)
  • Unnamed Captain (c. 422 BCE)
  • Barnabas (c. 422 BCE)
  • Kassandra (c. 422 BCE)


Sometime between 1100 and 950 BCE, a famed treasure hunter plundered the most valuable goods known to man and found this Apple among his prizes. He hid his treasures on Korfu and spread clues to its location throughout the island in hopes that his son would one day become a treasure hunter like himself, but the son died before finding the stash, and so the tale passed into legend.[1]

Around 422 BCE, Kassandra, a misthios appointed by the Isu Aletheia to be Keeper of the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus, decided to take a vacation on Korfu, seeking a respite from her daily life but also wracked with guilt over the Staff of Eden granting her near immortality.[2] However, this break would not last, as her friends the historian Herodotos and ship captain Barnabas soon worried after not seeing Kassandra active for months, and surprised her on Korfu by setting up a playful treasure hunt thinking it would rekindle her adventuring spirit. Kassandra followed the pair's hints, but was captured by local pirates in Alieos Village and interrogated about a coded letter they found that purportedly gave the treasure's location, neither of which she knew the secrets to. Determined not to let the pirates take the treasure, Kassandra broke out of her cell and made her way to Lestikos Settlement, where she found the treasure hunter's enciphered note and took it to Herodotos to decode.[3]

After looting a key [citation needed] from the corpse of the treasure hunter's son, Kassandra returned, only to find Herodotos kidnapped by the pirates' captain. When Kassandra tracked the scholar to a nearby glen, the captain arrived and proposed she give him the key in exchange for sparing both their lives. Kassandra agreed, only for the captain to renege on the bargain and send his men at her once he had the key. The mercenary swiftly defeated the thugs and chased the captain to a hilltop, but was shocked to see him caught in a frenzy killing his own men with a glowing, metal orb[1] she recognized as similar to the artifacts she found to unlock Atlantis.[4] Kassandra fought the captain to claim the Apple, but was forced to kill him. However, when she reached pick up the Apple from the ground, it emitted a repulsion field due to its proximity with the Spear of Leonidas in her hand, preventing her from grabbing it. Both Pieces of Eden glowed brightly as the Apple spun suspended in its field, before launching through the sky to the island's other side and depowering the Spear.[1] Deeply concerned about what happened, Kassandra sought out Alethia, hoping she would have answers.[5]

Unbeknownst to her, Barnabas wanted to help fix the Spear and had set off to find the Apple, thinking it could return the Spear's powers just as it took them away. He eventually found it in its impact crater, but the moment he touched it, the Apple induced madness and prompted him to rampage throughout the area like the late captain did, drawing the attention of local soldiers. Terrified at his actions, Barnabas took refuge in a Temple of Zeus and prayed to the god to deliver him from the Apple's influence. Upon spotting Kassandra inside, as she had followed Barnabas' path, he pleaded for help, and she tried persuading him to relinquish the artifact. Her appeals made Barnabas become abruptly possessive over the Apple, believing it was the only thing keeping him safe, and he conjured holographic copies to defend himself. Despite this, Kassandra soon subdued her friend and pulled the Apple from his grasp, burning his arm in the process.[6] She later destroyed the Apple as Alethia instructed[5] before leaving the island with Barnabas to search for more artifacts to eliminate.[7]


This Apple of Eden appears to have the standard abilities of an Apple of Eden, such as conjuring tangible illusions and mind control. It notably differed from most Apples in that it could induce madness in its wielder when activated,[6] and could depower both itself and any other Piece of Eden within immediate proximity, as shown by it rendering the Spear of Leonidas inert.[1]



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