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Traveling Salesman was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward planned to tail Laureano de Torres y Ayala and Laurens Prins, hoping to find the Sage.


Edward and Adéwalé observed the meeting between Torres and Prins.

  • Edward: Here's how it goes. Torres meets with Prins carrying a portion of the ransom, saying the rest is close behind. When we see the Sage, you bring in the rest of the gold, make the swap, and get out. I'll be watching from close by.
  • Adéwalé: No, Kenway. You run this scheme alone, at the risk of losing the faith of your crew. It makes me ill to think of you bartering with that wretched slaver.
  • Edward: Come on, mate. Once we have the Sage, we'll all be rich!
  • Adéwalé: Not if young Master Kidd gets to him first.
  • Edward: Kidd? Jaysus, that lad's here to kill him.
  • Kidd: Edward! What the hell are you doing here?
  • Edward: I'm tailing these men to the Sage. Can you hold off 'till he appears?
  • Kidd: The Sage is here?
  • Edward: Aye. And Prins is leading us straight to him!
  • Kidd: All right, Jaysus. I'll stay my blade for a time... but not long.

Edward tailing Prins and Torres

  • Torres: How long has it been since our last meeting, (mister) Prins? A year?
  • Prins: Nearer eighteen months. You first described this Roberts fellow to me in November of 1715.
  • Torres: (Ah yes.) Much has changed in that short time, you know. None call me governor, for instance, for I quit that post last year.
  • Prins: Ah, I was not aware.
  • Kidd: You couldn't help it, could you Kenway? Sticking your nose into things you can't understand.
  • Edward: You're making me nervous, Kidd. Keep your blades corked.
  • Torres: So many churches in Kingston. Have the English at last taken to converting their slaves to the Christian faith?
  • Kidd: Just my bloody luck. TWO major targets, and I'm kept from killing 'em both.
  • Edward: Steady Jim. We're close. Don't worry.
  • Prins: Ha! Convert them? God knows, Torres, there's none here so foolish as that!
  • Torres: Foolish? How do you mean?
  • Prins: Is it not a sin to enslave a fellow Christian? Therefore, to transmute a slave's soul from animal to man would be tantamount to inviting one's cattle to the dinner table.
  • Torres: Forgive my impatience. But how far is it yet?
  • Prins: We are nearly there.
  • Guard: Stand your ground, slave! And face corporal punishment like a man!
  • Slave: Why act like a man now when you have denied me that right for thirty years?

The slave was killed.

  • Torres: I find your bearing appalling, Prins. I believe all thinking, feeling men deserve respect and opportunity.
  • Prins: Ah, you Spaniards. Your long ties to the Moors have diluted your blood and softened your hearts.
  • Torres: This is not to say I believe in the natural equality of all races or sexes. Surely men with talent and intelligence should lead. But there is no true profit to be gained by the practice of slavery. In the short term it makes us money, (yes), but in the long term it will render us the victims of our own success.
  • Prins: Ah, but you and I, sir - old as we are - will not live to see that unfortunate day. So why bother?
    Watch where you step, boy!
  • Torres: For virtue, if nothing else.
  • Prins: Virtue... Torres, I have no wish to waste my day chattering about slaves and their pitiable condition. Let us conclude this transaction, then celebrate as friends.
    Are the stories about you true, sir? You were a governor in Florida for a time?
  • Torres: (Yes, yes). I am one of a number of civil servants in my family. A long line of politicians.
  • Prins: I have always toyed with the idea of entering politics myself, only I feel I have too much money and not enough years.
  • Torres: Speaking of stories, Prins... I've heard it said you were with Henry Morgan the day he sacked Panama. Sixteen-seventy-one, was it?
  • Prins: O, it's all true, yes. But let us not over-esteem the honours forged and won on the battlefields. That skirmish was a deadly one, and a tremendous waste of coin and resources. It wasn't until many years after that I sheathed my sword in favor of a far safer and yet more profitable venture. Capital and resources. That's where money is made. And, sir, let me tell you... honour bought is more enjoyable than honour won, if a touch less permanent.
  • Torres: I grow tired of this walk. We must be close.
  • Prins: Yes, just here. We must be on equal footing, you see? I don't trust Templars any more than you trust me.
  • Torres: Well, if I had known you were so skittish, I'd have brought you a bouquet of flowers.
  • Prins: Ah, I don't know why I bother... for the money, I suppose. The vast sums of money. You... you say you came alone, Torres?
  • Torres: Not alone, but certainly without colleagues. I took passage aboard a British merchant's brig.
  • Prins: Ah...

Edward and Kidd observing Torres and Prins

  • Kidd: Now's the time.
  • Edward: No. Not until we see the Sage.
  • Prins: Here's a quiet spot. I'll see the money.
  • Torres: This is but a portion of the ransom. The rest is close at hand.
  • Prins: It pains me to traffick someone of my own race for profit, Mister Torres. Tell me again... what has this Roberts fellow done to upset you?
  • Torres: Is this some form of protestant piety I am not familiar with?
  • Prins: Perhaps another day.
  • Torres: What?!
  • Prins: Next time, see to it that we are not followed! Deal with this!

Prins' men moved in to stop Edward and Kidd.

  • Kidd: You cocked up my kill, Kenway.
  • Edward: For a better cause!
  • Kidd: You lost your chance, man. I'm going after Prins.
  • Edward: Kidd, no! Jim, stop!
  • Kidd: Not this time, Kenway!
  • Edward: Come on man! We can work this together!
  • Kidd: You had your chance!
  • Edward: Stay your blade, Kidd! Wait!
  • Prins: There's a killer here. Help! Guards! Guards! To me!

Edward tackled Kidd.

Kidd arguing with Edward

  • Kidd: Damn you, old scratch! Keep your natty hands off me!
  • Edward: I can't let you kill those men, Kidd. Not until I've found the Sage.
  • Kidd: I been stalking that pig for a week now, charting his moves! And here I find not one but TWO of my targets... and you rob me of both!
  • Edward: Patience, man. You'll have your kills.
  • Kidd: When I locate the Sage, you're helping me take Prins. Got that?


Edward's plan failed and both men escaped.



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