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"Trap" is the ninth chapter of the manga Assassin's Creed: Blade of Shao Jun written by Minoji Kurata.


Nan'an, China, 1529
Wang Yangming manages to deflect a few arrows back at the crossbowmen with his sword before diving across the steps of the stairway. He mocks Zhang Yong's effort to kill him as disappointing, to which Zhang calls upon his bodyguard Qiu Ju to deal with the Assassin as he turns to leave. Meanwhile, within the city itself, Shao Jun skulks through the shadows of Wei Bin's residence. Pulling her sword onto guards from stealth, she interrogates them to see if Wei Bin is present. She quickly realizes that several of the guards carry Templar crosses.

Within his bedroom, Wei Bin talks with his wife, mentioning that he has doubled the guards to be wary of the supposed Assassin. He exclaims that once he kills more Assassins, he is surely to rise up the among the ranks of the Eight Tigers. At this point, Shao Jun enters the room, sword drawn. The two battle, with Jun emerging the victor after deftly using the Hidden Blade in her boot to slice his throat open. As he dies, Wei Bin declares that he knew she was travelling with Wang Yangming and that by now he is probably dead. Realizing she has sprung their trap, Shao Jun runs out in rapid search of her Mentor.


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