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Traitor in Our Midst was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor met with George Washington, who informed him of a plan to murder Benedict Arnold.


Connor met with George Washington.

  • Connor: How dare you call upon me after Monmouth?
  • George: I have nobody else to turn to. The Culper Ring informed me that Westpoint's been infiltrated. I believe they intend to murder Major General Benedict Arnold.
  • Connor: I still do not see why you need me.
  • George: The loss of such a figure would be devastating to the cause. It must be done without my soldiers' knowledge. The mere idea of the Patriots being breached would be crippling to morale, to the war. Will you do it?
  • Connor: It will be done. But never call on me again.

Connor travelled to West Point.

  • Soldier 1: Where'd Travis get off to?
  • Soldier 2: Heard his son has got the sickness, Arnold sent him home.
  • Soldier 3: Not what I heard. I heard he's proper disappeared.
  • Soldier 1: Wherever he went, his replacement is something of a bore. Quiet fellow. Keeps to himself. Not like Travis was, always up for a laugh.
  • Soldier 2: I know what you mean. Feels like the new chap is gonna strangle me in my sleep.
  • Soldier 3: Hahahah. Come off it.

Connor identified and killed four spies.

ACIII-BA-Traitor 7

Arnold questioning Connor's actions

  • Benedict: What in God's name are you doing?!
  • Connor: That man was a British spy. He intended to kill you, Major Arnold.
  • Benedict: What?
  • Connor: General Washington learned of the plot and sent me to foil it.
  • Benedict: Indeed. Hm. We need all the support we can muster. Some of my men are leaving on a munitions delivery to a nearby camp and I need you to escort them. Find John Anderson upon your arrival. He'll have further instructions. Questions?
  • Connor: No.
  • Benedict: Good.


Connor identified and killed all spies, after which Benedict Arnold sent him on another assignment.



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