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Training Begins was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor returned to Achilles Davenport, who took him to meet Robert Faulkner to discuss the renovation of the Aquila. After that, he taught Connor how to keep track of the homestead's finances in the ledger.


Connor met with Achilles near the lumbermill.

  • Achilles: I'll miss the peace and quiet. But we can certainly use the wood.
  • Connor: The manor needs a lot of work.
  • Achilles: That. And other things. Meet me at the small shack by the shoreline when you have time. There's something else you need to see.
  • Connor: What is it?
  • Achilles: An... asset.

Connor made his way to the shack.

  • Peg Leg: I found 'em! People say they's a myth but I 'ave em! Cap'n Kidd had a secret to be sure. Jus' get me a ship and a crew and we'll find out what it was he held so dear. I met 'im once – the Cap'n – he was seven feet tall if he was an inch. I tell ya. Legs like tree trunks and a smithy's arms. Almost broke my hand shakin' it hello. I could feel it then – when I met him – no weapon made by man could harm 'im.
ACIII-TrainingBegins 2

Achilles along with Connor at Robert's cabin

Connor approached Achilles and knocked on the door.

  • Robert: GO 'WAY!

Connor and Achilles entered.

  • Robert: Said 'go way', boy. D'ya not speak the King's English? Oh, I didn't see you there, old man. I'd of set my home in order if I'd known you'd be callin'.
  • Achilles: The boy's name is Connor. He's here to restore the property.
  • Robert: Restore? ...RESTORE! Pardon my manners! She's still the fastest in the Atlantic – sure she needs some attention... minor things mostly but with a little affection she'll fly again.
  • Connor: Who is 'she'?
  • Robert: WHO is SHE? Why the Aquila, boy! The Ghost of the North Seas!
  • Connor: The boat?
  • Robert: B–b– a BOAT?! She's a SHIP, boy, and make no mistake about it! I thought you brought him here to restore order? I reckon he's the greenest thing on the frontier!
  • Achilles: Connor, meet me back at the manor when you've finished here.
  • Connor: You said it requires repairs... You able?
  • Robert: SHE does need work – a ship is a 'she', boy – and yes I can refit her but I'm lacking in the proper supplies. Some... Some quality timber would help me get started.
  • Connor: I can see to that. How long before it – SHE is able to sail again?
  • Robert: Just get me the timber, boy and I'll raise a crew.
ACIII-TrainingBegins 5

Achilles introducing Connor to the Homestead's ledger

Connor then returned to the manor to meet with Achilles again.

  • Achilles: Ah, there you are! I've something to show you. Come, take a look.
  • Connor: What is it?
  • Achilles: A ledger. It lets us manage the homestead's dealings.
  • Connor: And these?
  • Achilles: Ah, that was years ago. Before the slow fever. Before the Templars. Before everything collapsed... But that's all in the past. Better we focus on what's in front of us. Take up the ledger and I'll teach you how it all works.


The renovation of the Aquila was started, and Connor began investing in the homestead's economy.



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