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Trail of Truth was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline questioned the runaway slave she had rescued and gained more information about her mother, who had been stationed at the camp.


Aveline spoke with the slave.

  • Slave: Thank you! Where on earth did you come from?
  • Aveline: More importantly, where will you go? To New Orleans? I can arrange for employment--
  • Slave: Ha! For what? My people are the Fon. I will go back to Africa. Your locket... It's very unusual. I've seen one before... I assumed it was one of a kind.
  • Aveline: It is one of a kind. My mother made it with her own hands. You must be mistaken.
  • Slave: No... The woman who wore the locket was named Jeanne. She was one of the first workers to come here. I remember her fondly.
  • Aveline: That was my mother's name! Where is this woman! I must see her.
  • Slave: I don't know. She lived in a private house at the south edge of the camp.
  • Aveline: You should go. De Ferrer will be looking for you. Will you be alright on your own?
  • Slave: Yes. I will hide until the changing of the guard at sundown, and then make my escape again. This time, they won't catch me.
  • Aveline: Good luck.

Aveline then searched the camp for clues that could guide her to Jeanne's hut, eventually finding her mother's hat.

  • Aveline: This was my mother's. I'd know it anywhere.

Led to a house, Aveline discovered Jeanne's bag.

  • Aveline: This could be hers.

At the back of the house, Aveline found one of Jeanne's diary pages, as well as a map.


Having discovered Jeanne had been present at the camp, Aveline followed the map she found in the hope that it would lead to her mother.