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"A thousand years we could labor and still the work would not be done... The first tower was never completed, the project abandoned... We moved on. But while we labored on other endeavors, a few returned. They thought to automate the process... Metal might finish what flesh could not..."
―Juno, 2012.[src]-[m]

The Towers were Isu facilities built with the express purpose of preventing the Great Catastrophe by shielding the world from the Sun's flares.

Although this solution failed by not meeting the needed requirements in time, some Isu who turned away from war returned to continue what was started. After the Great Catastrophe took place, and the Precursors were no more, the construction process was automated by the creation of new machines that would be in charge of their construction in the centuries to come. This allowed the Towers to successfully defend the Earth against the 2012 coronal mass ejection.[1]


Around the time of the Human-Isu War, the Precursors who decided not to get involved in the conflict discovered that they were about to face a calamity that could lead their entire race to extinction. Hence, they started to investigate possible methods to save the planet and their civilization. One of these consisted in the use of Towers. Created and managed by Juno, these four gigantic structures would contain the solar flares into the Grand Temple in order to dispel them. Unfortunately, this project ended prematurely due to the fact that the constructing even one of these towers would take too long. The first one was never completed, rendering this solution as a failure. Thus, the Isu abandoned this project to pursue other endeavors in their search for salvation.[1]

Nevertheless, while others were tasked to look for other alternatives, a few returned to finish the constructions. With the help of automated machines, they managed to prolong the process until long after the Great Catastrophe. Eventually, the four towers were built, hidden in chasms, so no one could ever disturb them. These would be later connected to the global aurora borealis device in order to generate the planetary shield.[4]

On 21 December, 2012, Desmond Miles, understanding the consequences of his actions, decided to give his own life by touching the device and starting the whole system. He saved the world, but released the former Mother of Wisdom in the process.[1]