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ACS Tower of London

Tower of London

Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress, more commonly known as the Tower of London, is a historic castle located in the City of London, London, on the north bank of the River Thames. At the fortresses' centre lies the White Tower, which was originally conceived as a residence for royalty, but has served a host of other functions throughout history, most prominently that of a prison. It is guarded by the Queen's Royal Guard, who are overseen by a constable. Its current and most famous function, however, is the resting place of the British Crown Jewels.


In 1696, during the Great Recoinage, William Chaloner was held in the Tower following the exposure of his counterfeiting activities by the Assassin Omar Khaled and Sir Isaac Newton.[1]

In 1868, Master Assassin Evie Frye infiltrated the Tower to locate a Shroud of Eden. Upon arrival, however, she found the place overrun by men under the command of Templar Lucy Thorne. Realizing an opportunity, Evie killed the Templars masquerading as Royal Guardsmen, rescued the constable in charge of the Tower garrison and, disguising herself as a prisoner, killed Thorne and fled as the Royal Guard retook the Tower.[2]




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