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Tough Love was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met with Mikkos north of Myrina in Thasos.


Kassandra docked at Myrina and a civilian hailed her as she disembarked.

  • Civilian: The Eagle Bearer? Misthios! Over here, I need to talk to you!

Kassandra approached the man.

  • Civilian: Misthios! And that looks like Barnabas' ship.
  • Kassandra: In fact it—

Barnabas came up behind Kassandra.

  • Barnabas: Ah! That ship belongs to the Eagle Bearer now. Legendary misthios, famed across the Greek world. I am just her humble servant.
  • Civilian: Barnabas! You're back!
  • Barnabas: In the flesh. A little older, but not a bit wiser.
  • Civilian: Mikkos sent me here to wait for your return. It's about Neleus...

Barnabas rolled his one good eye.

  • Barnabas: Here we go. What has my nephew gotten himself into this time?
  • Civilian: I think the trouble is real, Barnabas. You should go to him. Mikkos told me not to return without help, and I mean not to.

Barnabas raised a finger.

  • Barnabas: I need to think. But one thing... I know my nephew. Ah yes. He's fine, that much is certain. I'll be on the ship.

Barnabas walked back towards the ship.

  • Civilian: And you, misthios? I need someone to go see about Neleus.

(If players choose "Why doesn't Barnabas believe you?")

  • Kassandra: Why doesn't Barnabas think something is wrong with his nephew?
  • Civilian: It's just... Neleus was a legendary nuisance growing up. He lied. He cheated. He brawled and broke things.
  • Kassandra: Some of us grow out of that.
  • Civilian: Well, now Neleus is a serious athlete, training to be an Olympic champion. And what's more, he's family to Barnabas.
  • Kassandra: That is important.

(Accept – I'll see what's going on.)

  • Kassandra: I'll help Barnbas' nephew however I can.
  • Civilian: Neleus lives with his caretaker, Mikkos. Their house is just up the hill north of here.

Kassandra travelled to Mikkos' House. As she approached, she heard a loud argument coming from inside the house.

  • Barnabas: The amount of times this boy's been "too sick to work" only to hear, not two hours later, he's in the fields with his friends. By Zeus!
  • Mikkos: He's grown since you've been gone. He's not a kid anymore.
  • Barnabas: Ah, but still up to his old tricks, if you ask me.
  • Mikkos: Listen to reason, Barnabas. I saw him vomiting myself. And now he's like this!

Kassandra entered the house to see Barnabas and Mikkos standing over Neleus, who lay on a mat on the ground.

  • Barnabas: He's faking it, Mikkos. I've seen this routine before. Gods! Grant me Penelope's patience.

Neleus groaned in his sleep.

  • Mikkos: It's not just Neleus. There have been others. All promising young athletes turning up sick or missing. Something's not right in Thasos.
  • Barnabas: What goes on across Thasos is not my concern. But I know my nephew. Ah, yes. He practically worships at the altar of Aergia. A devotee of sloth and idleness, he is.
  • Mikkos: Help me talk sense into him, misthios.

  • Kassandra: You know your nephew best, and it sounds like he needs a firm hand.
  • Barnabas: I thought his caretaker could handle him, but apparently I was wrong.

They all looked at Neleus, who kept groaning.

  • Mikkos: Come on Barnabas, he's plainly ill.
  • Barnabas: Bah! I'll be at the ship when Neleus snaps out of it.

  • Kassandra: Maybe you should be a bit easier on your nephew this time. He really does seem sick.

Barnabas shook his head sadly as Neleus groaned again.

  • Barnabas: Ah, you're right. I–I guess I didn't want it to be true. He's not a boy anymore, I can see that.
  • Mikkos: He may be grown, but he still needs help.
  • Barnabas: There's only one way I know how.

Barnabas walked out of the house, pausing at the door only to give Kassandra and Mikkos his parting instructions.

  • Barnabas: Let me know if there is any change in his condition. I'll be at the ship making offerings to Asklepios.

Barnabas left. Kassandra turned back to Mikkos.

  • Kassandra: Give Barnabas some time.
  • Mikkos: But our time may run out. I have more leads to follow up on, but with Neleus like this I can't leave his side. Maybe you could help me?

(Accept – I'll help.)

  • Kassandra: Barnabas is like family to me. I want to do anything I can to help Neleus.
  • Mikkos: Thank you.

Mikkos relaxed.

  • Mikkos: You know, it's not often a beautiful and capable misthios comes to this house.

  • Kassandra: They may have brought Neleus sickness, but the Fates have brought us together...
  • Mikkos: I'd hate to get sick someday and think of all the fun I didn't have.
  • Kassandra: But first, there are those leads you mentioned.

  • Kassandra: We shouldn't talk like this with Neleus in this condition. Now, about those leads you mentioned...

  • Mikkos: Well, someone at the Champion's Gymnasium must know something.
  • Mikkos: Aietes was the last one to be with Neleus when he was well.
  • Kassandra: They were friends?
  • Mikkos: They were. If he doesn't know anything, you could talk to the doctor at the quarry.
  • Kassandra: If he's the local doctor, he's bound to know something.

(If players choose "What more can you tell me about the Champion's Gymnasium?")

  • Kassandra: What more can you tell me about this gymnasium? You say other athletes have disappeared?
  • Mikkos: Many, yes. A lot of the athletes came here to train from elsewhere across the Greek world, so when they disappear, people think they maybe just went home.
  • Kassandra: A convenient story if something bad were happening to them.
  • Mikkos: Exactly.

(If players choose "Where is the quarry?")

  • Kassandra: I'd like to have a word with that doctor at the quarry.
  • Mikkos: The Aliki Quarry is at the southern point of Thasos. The doctor there is mixed up with training athletes and the workers.
  • Kassandra: Sounds like a strange connection.
  • Mikkos: Yes, until you realize half of the workers are athletes who have given up on their training. Something's happened to them, and that doctor is the only connection I see.

(If players choose "Where can I find Aietes?")

  • Kassandra: The last person to see Neleus before he got sick was Aietes. Where can I find him?
  • Mikkos: He's an aspiring athlete, too, but nowhere near as talented as Neleus. He trains alone on the outskirts of the Vineyard of Glory. You're sure to find him there.

(Leave – "I'll look into these leads.")

  • Kassandra: I'll follow up on these leads and check back when I know what's going on.
  • Mikkos: Thank you, misthios. And feel free to "check back" any time.

(The player can talk to Mikkos again in the house)

  • Mikkos: You're back! Neleus hasn't gotten any better. But maybe you're here to see me instead?

  • Kassandra: I've been thinking about you and wanted to see you again. I won't pretend otherwise.
  • Mikkos: You've stormed into my life like a creature from the summit of Olympus itself. It's safe to say I've been thinking about you, too.
  • Kassandra: We should probably leave our feelings aside...for now.
  • Mikkos: For the sake of Neleus.
  • Kassandra: Yes.

  • Kassandra: We can't do this now.
  • Mikkos: I know, I know. It's just -
  • Kassandra: What happened to Neleus is still an open question. I need to get to work.

  • Kassandra: I have some questions.

  • Mikkos: Is there anything I can do to help?

(goes back to the questions above)


Kassandra agreed to help Mikkos investigate what was wrong with Neleus.


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