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Torthred was an Anglo-Saxon anchorite living in England in the late 9th century. He was the brother of Tancred and Tova.


In the late 9th century, the Danes raided Ancarig monastery, killing the priests, burning some cells, and stationing themselves nearby to see if an anchorite would die twice, believing he was a living-dead creature. Geirmund Hel-hide met Torthred and offered him some water, as well as advice, telling him to leave the place.[1] Both Torthred and Tova would manage to leave Ancarig as the Danes left pursuing Geirmund after he murdered Ubba Ragnarsson's kinsman Fasti for blocking his access to a boat.[2]

Some time after, Torthred made his way to Medeshamstede abbey, where he eventually became the abbot. Torthred eventually met Geirmund again when he and a few of his Hel-hides came upon the monastery while escaping from Krok and his band. Torthred granted them sanctuary in exchange for help in cultivating and defending Medeshamstede, which they agreed with. During their time there, which spanned over a month at least, the abbot taught Geirmund how to read.[2] After Burgred of Mercia was expelled from his throne, an injured priest carrying message from Tamworth came to the abbey. Geirmund warned them that the wall they had built would not stop an army and advised the monks to leave. Torthred later talked to the monks, deciding they would join the abbot of Cerne Abbey in Wessex.[3]

Before they left, however, they had to deal with Krok and his band, who had kidnapped Tova as she fled from Tamworth to Medeshamstede. The Dane came and asked for silver, which the abbot agreed to, asking them to return the next day. After the band left, the monks began packing for Wessex, taking their books, relics, crosses, some furniture, and enough food for them and some animals. The Hel-hides also packed for their departure. The next day, four Danes appeared to trade the woman for the silver, though they were killed and she was saved by the Hel-hides,[3] who then left to draw Krok's attention away from the monastery and allow the monks a clean getaway.[4]



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