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The Torre dell'Orologio, known also as The Clock Tower or Saint Mark's Clocktower, is one of the landmarks that borders the Piazza di San Marco in the Italian city of Venice.


Constructed in the late 15th century as a display of Venice's wealth, the Torre dell'Orologio displays the time of day, the current phase of the moon, and the dominant sign of the Zodiac.[1]

According to legend, the designers of the clock face were blinded once their work was complete, so they could never duplicate it elsewhere. While this is probably false, the designers did live inside the clock tower for the rest of their lives to maintain it.[1]

The Torre dell'Orologio ended up serving one very important practical purpose; it was used by sailors in the nearby harbor to time their departures with the tides.


  • A glyph could be found on the roof of the landmark.



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