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"I am worried about what Styrbjörn brings with him. His sister married the Bluetooth, who has had traffic with the Franks and with Rome. It is possible that Styrbjörn, whether he is aware of it or not, has become a tool of the Order. He must be stopped, Thorvald. Even if I am wrong and he doesn't serve the Order, he does not bring freedom to Svealand. We must keep Eric in power."
―Torgny to Thorvald Hjaltason, c. 985.[src]

Torgny the Lawspeaker (fl. 10th century) was the old advisor of King Eric of Sweden and the Mentor of the Viking Assassin Brotherhood active during the 10th century.

Alongside his apprentice, the Skald Thorvald Hjaltason, Torgny fought against Styrbjörn the Strong as the Brotherhood correctly suspected that the fearsome prince and his ally, Harald Bluetooth, were affiliated with the Templar Order.[1]


After King Olof of Svealand was poisoned by the Viking Brotherhood, Torgny as Lawspeaker used all of his influence on the Thing to have the King's brother, Eric, designated as the new King instead of his unruly nephew, the sixteen-year-old Styrbjörn, whom the old Mentor was convinced would inevitably become a tyrant like his father. Outraged by the ruling of the Thing, which he perceived as the theft of what was rightfully his, a vengeful Styrbjôrn left the kingdom promising to come back one day and to depose "The Usurper".



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