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Tora Auzoux (died 870) was a Viking and fellow clan-mate to Eivor Varinsdottir and Dag Nithisson during the 9th century.


In 870, Tora accompanied her clan-mates Eivor and Dag to the outskirts of Rygjafylke to watch as a village was raided by Kjotve the Cruel's men. Before they could formulate a proper plan, Eivor charged into battle. Dag and Tora later followed after her. While both Eivor and Dag sustained injuries, Tora managed to get through the battle unscathed. When Eivor's attempt to sway the village leader to pledge allegiance to King Styrbjorn ended in his death, Eivor had Tora make sure Dag's wound was treated by the village healer. Traveling back to Stavanger with Eivor's captured slave, Gull, Tora stood by as Styrbjorn chastised Eivor for dooming them all.[1]

Some time later, Tora and Eivor trained while Gull watched, sat under the shade of a nearby tree. Tora urged her clan-mate to use her anger in the fight. Eivor did so, venting about how her father humiliated her in front of the entire clan, threw her tribute back in her face, never showed her the honor she was due, and never saw her for who she was. She managed to defeat Tora and as she helped her up, Gull spoke, telling the pair she could lead them "to bounty beyond the dreams of Njörðr himself". Tora didn't believe the slave, but Eivor decided she would go, and asked Tora to keep her trip a secret from her father.[2]

A few days later, in the longhouse, Dag gave Tora a mug of beer and asked why she had been preoccupied, linking that to the fact that Eivor had been gone for days. King Strybjorn then burst in, warning the clan-mates of the attack. As they started the fight against the enemies sent by Kjotve, Styrbjorn was shot down with two arrows.[2]

As the Raven Clan battled Kjotve's thugs, Tora Auzoux pleaded with Styrbjorn to go, but he stayed to fight the invaders, blaming his daughter and asking where she was. The Raven Clan was victorious, though Tora died in the confrontation.[3]

Behind the scenes

Tora Auzoux is a character appearing in Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Song of Glory. Her name is derived from the Old Norse word þora meaning "to dare, have the courage to do a thing." Auzoux is a Scandinavian byname meaning "wolf, warrior".




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