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The Tomb of The Daughter of Atlas

The Tomb of the Daughter of Atlas was a tomb and a shrine in Mount Psophis in Arkadia, Greece. It allegedly served as the tomb of a daughter of Atlas, a Titan in Greek mythology.

Consisting of a small dungeon as the tomb proper, a similarly modest shrine had been erected atop the tomb, housing a statue of a deity.

During the Peloponnesian War the tomb was explored by the Spartan misthios Kassandra, who deciphered the ancient stele within. She also recovered a rare bow within a hidden chamber of the tomb.[1]

Behind the scenes

The name of the tomb, a location in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, references a daughter of the Titan Atlas in Greek mythology. They include the Hesperides, the Hyades, the Pleiades, Calypso, and Dione. Of these, one of the Pleiades, Electra the lost Pleiad, was connected with Arkadia.