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Attack on Kenway House

Tom Smith during the attack on the Kenway household

Tom Smith (unknown – 17 July 1747) was one of Edward Braddock's mercenaries in the British Army. He bore a notable deformation of two pointy ears.


In 1735, Smith and four others attacked Edward Kenway's home in London, killing Edward, kidnapping his daughter Jenny and obtaining his journal for the Templars.

Twelve years later, Smith was serving under Braddock in the Dutch Republic, but was ordered to find and kill Jack Digweed in Germany. He returned before his accomplice did, hoping to avoid someone finding out about his desertion, but Haytham Kenway spotted him and pursued him on horseback.

After tiring out their horses, Smith and Haytham fought, but were apprehended by the British, who mistook Haytham for Smith's fellow deserter and knocked him unconscious. Smith was later hung by Slater before Haytham came to and demanded to see Braddock, though Braddock expressed indifference to one of Jenny's kidnappers having been under his command all along.



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