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Tokyo, formerly known as Edo at the start of the Tokugawa shogunate, is one of the forty-seven prefectures of Japan and also its capital city, the center of the Greater Tokyo Area, and the most populous metropolitan area in the world. It is the seat of the Japanese government and the Imperial Palace, and the home of the Japanese Imperial Family.

The Assassin crew of the Altaïr II celebrated New Year on 1 January 2014 in Tokyo with the Osaka-based Assassin cell.[1]

On 28 July 2017 in the Shinjuku neighborhood of Takadanobaba, the Assassin Tomo Sakagawa worked in an arcade. He later called his superior Hajime Shimada stating that he had tracked down the Templar Maxime Gorm and mentioned a clinic in Switzerland run by a Dr. Nathalie Chapman. Hajime told him to come and talk at his shop. The next morning, Tomo arrived at the shop in the Akihabara district. They discussed Maxime and Dr. Chapman, while Tomo formulates a plan to infiltrate the clinic.[2]


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