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To Be Nobody was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Following Barnabas' lotus flower inspired vision, the Adrestia set sail towards Anaphi.


As they neared Anaphi, Barnabas grew excited.

  • Barnabas: Those gray peaks are the mountains of Anaphi! Careful - my vision showed a horrible cyclops lurking in the darkness.

Kassandra explored the island, finding the cave of Drakontospilo. As she ventured in, torch in hand, a voice rang out of the shadows.

  • Kassandra: Step into the light. Now!
  • Polyphemos: No. No see me. Look different.

  • Kassandra: Face me, cyclops. I've come to avenge one of your victims.

Polyphemos stepped into the light.

  • Polyphemos: Please no hurt! Polyphemos no want to fight!

Despite his plea, Kassandra drew her weapons and engaged.

  • Polyphemos: Please no hurt! Please!

Even though Polyphemos put up a fight defending himself, Kassandra managed to kill him. On his corpse, she discovered a bag of spice.

  • Kassandra: A bag of spice. Where would he get these? I should tell Barnabas.

  • Kassandra: I'm not here to hurt you.
  • Polyphemos: Everyone hurt me because look different.

  • Kassandra: You're not the only one. I've been attacked my whole life for what I am.

Polyphemos stepped into the light. As Kassandra noticed his discomfort at the torch's brightness, she put it out.

(Same as first Fight-choice.)

  • Polyphemos: You different. Like me. Friends. Me Polyphemos. You Little.
  • Kassandra: Sure, "Little." Polyphemos, I'm looking for a woman who was here.
  • Polyphemos: No friend for long time. You help make friend. Friend fish together. You like fish?

(Accept - Let's help each other.)

  • Kassandra: So, I help you make a friend to go fishing with, and you'll help me find the woman I'm looking for.
  • Polyphemos: Pretty beach! Little will see. Little will like. We go now.

Polyphemos rose and ran past Kassandra. She followed as he ran towards the ruins on the southern shore of the island.

  • Polyphemos: Little follow. Show beach where lady helped Polyphemos.
  • Kassandra: Polyphemos, this is important - do you mean "Leda"?
  • Polyphemos: Silly Little. Not "Lee-duh." "Lay-dee."

Half-way to the shore, they were attacked by lynxes, Polyphemos cowered in the ruins.

  • Polyphemos: Help Polyphemos! No want to hurt! Never again!

After she dealt with the lynxes, they continued towards the shore.

  • Polyphemos: Little think Polyphemos cyclops?
  • Kassandra: You're nothing like the Cyclops from Kephallonia. He had one real eye and one fake eye. He picked on Little.
  • Polyphemos: Pick on Little! What you do?
  • Kassandra: I shoved his fake eye up a goat's ass.

The large man laughed at that.

  • Polyphemos: Little funny.

They reached the remains of the village near the shore. Polyphemos hid again.

  • Polyphemos: Bad men! Hate Polyphemos!

In the ruins, a group of bandits had made their camp. To put Polyphemos' mind at ease, Kassandra dealt with the bandits. The way to the shore was finally clear.

  • Kassandra: There, big guy. The beach is yours now, to fish all you want.

Polyphemos smiled brightly, and sat down on the rocks, enjoying the view for a moment. Then he turned to Kassandra.

  • Polyphemos: Little think beach pretty?

  • Kassandra: Depends on who's looking at it, but sure. I think it's pretty.
  • Polyphemos: But still need friend to share. Polyphemos like poetry. Can practice with you. Tell Polyphemos what make Little, Little.

  • Kassandra: I have the strength of ten warriors. I could lift a whole mountain above my head.
  • Polyphemos: Strong like Polyphemos! Careful not to crush small things. What else?

  • Kassandra: Well, I have eyes. They're nice, I guess.
  • Polyphemos: Polyphemos know lady with pretty green eyes. She nice. What else?

  • Kassandra: Nothing makes me happier than celebrating. Drinking and singing are good for the spirit.
  • Polyphemos: With friend! Polyphemos love to sing. More?

  • Kassandra: There's no better feeling in the world than crushing a skull with my fist.
  • Polyphemos: Little scary. Polyphemos does not hurt. Never again. More?

  • Kassandra: I wish I could be with my family. The last time I was happy, I was a young girl. I miss those days. I don't know why I'm telling you this. You're a good listener, big guy.

  • Kassandra: I've never been able to rely on anyone the way I can rely on Barnabas and our crew. I wish my work didn't take me away from them.

Polyphemos finished what he was writing and stood up.

  • Polyphemos: Little hurt inside. Like Polyphemos. For you.

He handed her the parchment.

  • Kassandra: This is beautiful, big guy.

Polyphemos dug out something else.

  • Polyphemos: More gift for Little. Spices from pretty green-eye lady. Only gift Polyphemos ever got.
  • Kassandra: This might be exactly what I was looking for. So, you have a beach to go fishing...
  • Polyphemos: Only need friend.

  • Kassandra: Little think beach ugly. And Little think you ugly.

Polyphemos' face fell, and he stood up.

  • Polyphemos: You trick Polyphemos! No hurt! Please, no hurt!

Despite fighting Kassandra, Polyphemos continued pleading.

  • Polyphemos: Please no hurt! Please!

Kassandra slew him, finding a bag of spices on him.

  • Kassandra: A bag of spice. Where would he get these? I should tell Barnabas.

(If Beware the Siren Call completed)

  • Kassandra: I can't stay with you, big guy, but I think I found someone you should meet.

She introduced Eurylochos to Polyphemos.

  • Kassandra: Eurylochos, this is Polyphemos. Polyphemos, Eurylochos.

Polyphemos regarded Eurylochos.

  • Polyphemos: Show you cave?
  • Eurylochos: Show me everything, my big friend. This is the grandest, most spectacular shore on which I've ever laid my weary eyes. I want to see it all!

As Eurylochos went to admire the shore, Polyphemos addressed Kassandra.

  • Polyphemos: You Little. But big heart. Take this. Special gift.

(Epic grade Scaled Gauntlets received.) Polyphemos and Eurylochos smiled at each other, and set about fishing.


  • Kassandra: I can't stay here, big guy. But if I ever meet someone who loves fishing and poetry as much as you do, I'll send them your way.

Kassandra returned to the Adrestia and eager Barnabas.

  • Barnabas: About my Leda, do you have any news?

("I found the "cyclops'" spices.")

  • Kassandra: In the cave, I found a man. I took these spices from him.
  • Barnabas: Ah, my Leda. Do you think the man you found was a cyclops, then she concocted an elixir from these spices and helped him to grow a second eye?

  • Kassandra: Barnabas, there was no cyclops on Anaphi any more than there was one on Kephallonia.
  • Barnabas: Have faith, my friend. Leda was there.

  • Kassandra: That's exactly what happened. Leda saved the cyclops' life with magic spices.
  • Barnabas: She did. We should be careful not to use these spices. Who knows how many eyes we'd grow?

Barnabas took the spices.


Kassandra helped Polyphemos gain a friend to fish with, and collected another clue about Leda.


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