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Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy was a virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


Shay set out with Liam to pursue a lead regarding the location of the stolen Precursor box and Manuscript.


Shay joined Liam at the Davenport Homestead's docks.

  • Shay: Where to?
  • Liam: Wherever Templar affairs lead us.
  • Shay: Liam, it's not like you to set out without a plan.
  • Liam: Plan or no plan, we choose our own battlefield. And hey, are we not most at ease when we're at sea?
  • Shay: Right you are. Let's set sail.

Later, the two men were sailing in the North Atlantic near Halifax.

  • Liam: We only have one lead, Shay. Let's hope it brings us closer to the artifacts.
  • Shay: So Achilles tasked you with this mission?
  • Liam: No. He tasked me to task you. You need to find what was stolen from Mackandal, Shay. You have to recover the Precursor box and Manuscript. This is your mission.
  • Shay: And what's yours?
  • Liam: Watch your arse.
  • Shay: Achilles doesn't really trust me, does he?
  • Liam: Give it time, Shay. Do this for him - for us - and you'll do much more than earn his trust.
  • Shay: Liam, do you know what Achilles writes about? I see him in his office all the time, bent over his papers.
  • Liam: He keeps records and accounts, studies what little is known of the Pieces of Eden... And of course he corresponds with Assassins on other continents.
  • Shay: Of course? Liam, you can be a right horse's arse when it comes to assuming everyone knows the same as you.
  • Liam: I cannot help if Achilles wants me to be familiar with our counterparts in Europe and elsewhere.
  • Shay: Said like his favorite son.
  • Liam: Connor is his favorite, and only son.
  • Shay: Then Achilles' heir. Connor may inherit the house, but you'll be Mentor.
  • Liam: We'll see.
  • Shay: Whatever you say, Prince Regent of the Assassins.
  • Liam: You call me that again and I'll throw you in the ocean!

Shay and Liam arrived at Port la Joye, where they met Chevalier.

Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy 1

Shay meeting Chevalier

  • Chevalier: Trust me, you will sell those lobsters by the ton in France. Ah, the cabbage farmer returns. About time. We have a lead on the curious manuscript.
  • Shay: I'd be surprised if you could read it.
  • Chevalier: No one can read it, (you silly man). This is why the Templars are taking so long with it. But one of our allies has caught a glimpse of their work.
  • Shay: A pirate?
  • Chevalier: A spy who works with the pirates. We set sail for Anticosti. That should prove a good test for this floating cesspit you call a ship.

Shay and the others set a course for Anticosti.

  • Shay: How trustworthy are the pirates?
  • Chevalier: I consider them brothers, Shay. When the time comes, they will lend aid and help us fight the Templars. If only the Rosbif would realize the Templars were pulling their strings.
  • Shay: Are the Templars truly in control in the Colonies?
  • Chevalier: Not quite, but their influence reaches far and wide.
  • Shay: And what about the spy we're meeting?
  • Chevalier: You need not worry about Le Chasseur. He is loyal to the Brotherhood. As it happens, he also has "friends" in both the French and English fleets, and he knows more about what goes on in these parts than you can ever hope to learn.
  • Shay: So Liam, what can you tell me about Adéwalé? You obviously admire the man.
  • Liam: Aye. I had the honor of working with him once. I've never known anyone who'd done so much for our cause... but it's much more than that.
  • Chevalier: Adéwalé was already a (legend) before joining the Brotherhood. He was a pirate - the scourge of the West Indies! - rubbing elbows with the likes of Blackbeard, Woodes Rogers and Calico Jack Rackham.
  • Shay: Calico who?
  • Chevalier: Oh, read a book, will you?
Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy 7

The Assassins sailing for Anticosti

  • Liam: About 20 years ago, Adéwalé intercepted a Templar convoy and stole a mysterious package. He traveled to Port-au-Prince, and entrusted it to a woman he believed was loyal to our cause.
  • Shay: Let me guess, she wasn't?
  • Liam: Ah, she was. Very much so. The package eventually found its way to François Mackandal, Mentor of the Haitian Brotherhood.
  • Shay: What is it? The package, I mean.
  • Liam: The very box we're seeking. We still have little idea what this vessel is capable of. Why don't we set the Morrigan against a quarry of her caliber?
  • Shay: You just want to test I can shoot straight, don't you schoolmaster?
  • Liam: Well, if the lesson fits...

While en route they witnessed an English schooner being attacked by French gunboats.

  • Liam: There, Captain! An English vessel, and she looks to be in trouble.
  • Shay: That's fine indeed. Perhaps we should aid her journey to the bottom of the sea.
  • Liam: Let's not be too hasty. She's full of Crown cargo. Take a look through your spyglass and see for yourself.
  • Shay: A pretty sight. I say this is a good day to lighten King George's pockets.
  • Liam: Be careful. A few shots should be enough to cripple her. Too much damage and she'll go down with all souls. And all spoils.
  • Shay: We can board and loot her before the crew knows what hit them.

Shay incapacitated the schooner using the Morrigan.

Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy 2

Shay aboard the captured schooner

  • Liam: Captain, hold your fire! We don't want to sink her! Now's the time, let's board her!
    Show them what's for, Captain!
  • Shay: Come on, men! The spoils are ours! For the Morrigan!

Shay and his crew boarded the schooner, plundering its supplies before returning to the Morrigan.

  • Liam: The sea between here and Anticosti is rough, Captain. We should strengthen the Morrigan before going any further. There's a harbourmaster stationed nearby. We can spend our new wealth on improvements.

Shay set sail for Percé, a nearby settlement.

  • Shay: I didn't realize there was a Brotherhood in Haiti.
  • Liam: Yes, François Mackandal is their mentor. He gathers many of his Assassins from the Maroons.
  • Shay: Those are escaped slaves and their children, right?
  • Liam: They are. It's a shame though. They escaped terrible conditions only to be killed in that earthquake.
  • Shay: But... Haiti's a French colony, no?
  • Liam: Aye, it is.
  • Shay: And here, the Assassins are helping King Louis. But in Haiti, the French own the slaves who are set free by the Assassins.
  • Liam: Our struggle is beyond political borders, Shay.
    Anticosti shouldn't be far. Keep us on course, Captain.

Shay and the others neared Percé.

  • Shay: Is this the place? I see nothing but fishermen and their gear.
  • Liam: Aye, Percé and fishing go hand-in-hand, but it'll serve our purposes well enough. The French fished these waters first, but King George is laying claim to more every year. The locals are caught in the middle.

Shay went ashore to purchase equipment for the Morrigan.

Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy 9

Shay speaking with the harbormaster

  • Liam: You'd better borrow some coin. Bartering with an empty purse won't get you very far.

After outfitting his ship with a better hull and broadside cannons, Shay rejoined Liam and Chevalier.

  • Liam: We should resume course to Anticosti, Captain.
  • Chevalier: Indeed. Le Chasseur is waiting for us.
  • Liam: The sea between here and Anticosti is rough, Captain, but the Morrigan seems sturdy enough for the challenge.

Along the way, they happened upon several fishing boats.

  • Crew member: Ships ahoy!
  • Liam: More fishermen from Percé.

Suddenly, multiple English schooners attacked the fishing boats.

  • Crew member: Enemy ships!
  • Shay: They're sinking the fishing boats!
  • Liam: They must believe those fishermen strayed into their waters.
  • Chevalier: These cowards must pay!
  • Shay: And would you look at that, standing right in our way to Anticosti. What say you we sink every last one of them?
  • Chevalier: For once, I find myself agreeing with you, Shay.
  • Shay: Stranger things have happened.

Shay defeated the enemy ships.

Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy 11

The Morrigan approaching Anticosti

  • Shay: That's the last of them.
  • Liam: Then let us go on. We're not too far from Anticosti Island now.
  • Shay: Will your friend the spy be waiting for us?
  • Chevalier: Yes. I hope Le Chasseur has more information about the Manuscript.
  • Shay: Maybe he'll have the whole thing figured out for us.
  • Liam: And maybe I'm Emperor of Rome.
  • Shay: Ave, Caesar!
    Salt air, open skies... A man out on the ocean is as free as a man can be. What do you say, Liam?
  • Liam: We're out here for a reason, Shay. Mind your duty.
  • Shay: Well what's the point of freedom if you cannot breathe deep and enjoy it?
  • Liam: The Templars stick to this continent like tar. I won't feel liberated until we pry them off.
  • Shay: Seems to me we should just talk to them like men instead of skulking around.
  • Chevalier: And would you smile and wish them a good day as they lay their boot on your neck?
  • Shay: Of course not.
  • Liam: They're murdering bastards who want to control the world and everyone in it. Never forget.
  • Shay: And we have nothing in common with that, of course.

Shay and the others neared Anticosti.

  • Chevalier: There it is. Anticosti. Le Chasseur should be there... And with any luck he will know where to find that Manuscript.

They subsequently moored at the island's fort.

  • Liam: Dock the ship here, Captain. We've arrived at Anticosti Island.
  • Chevalier: Go on ahead, Shay. We will meet you at the fort.

Shay went ashore and entered the dilapidated fortress.

  • Guard 1: The rum here is terrible!
  • Guard 2: Let me see... That's not rum, it's eau de vie!
  • Guard 1: What the devil is that?
  • Guard 2: Whiskey.
  • Guard 1: Well the whiskey here is terrible.
  • Guard 3: I miss my Marie. Such a true and fine heart is hard to find.
  • Guard 4: Where did you meet her?
  • Guard 3: At her third wedding. I slipped into the feast.
  • Guard 4: I would say you slipped into more than that!
  • Guard 5: I wonder why there are so many Royal Navy ships about.
  • Guard 6: I suppose because there are more French ships to challenge them.
  • Guard 5: Who has more ships, do you reckon?
  • Guard 6: The English, by far. But they're spread thin.
  • Guard 5: Do they have more than the Spanish?
  • Guard 6: Hard to tell. But the Spanish keep to the south. Too cold for them here.
  • Guard 5: I can't say I blame them.
  • Guard 7: Oh, by Beelzebub's balls, what happened to that wall? It looks like someone took a cannon to it.
  • Guard 8: I hate digging stone out of the frozen ground. Fixing it will take ages.

Shay reached Le Chasseur's quarters.

  • Le Chasseur: So, Louis-Joseph, how goes the fur trade?
  • Chevalier: Not well enough to put beef on my family's plates.
  • Le Chasseur: If you want beef, raid more British brigs. They're loaded down with barrels!
  • Chevalier: Oh yes, their Irish farms yield much meat, don't they? Oh that is smart management, far better than the locals could do.

Shay entered.

Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy 3

Chevalier examining the plans

  • Le Chasseur: Take a look at this. I "borrowed" these plans from a Royal Navy ship of the line. They are like nothing I have ever seen.
  • Chevalier: Good! We could use some more powerful weapons. Le Chasseur, allow me to present our associate, Shay Cormac.
  • Le Chasseur: Gentlemen, I have news... On this same ship I spied the Manuscript you seek. It was written in an exotic language I did not recognize and full of drawings. Plants and animals out of an opium dream.
  • Chevalier: Were there no charts? No, no... no maps?
  • Le Chasseur: No. There may have been some kind of code, but neither I nor the Rosbifs could ken it.
  • Liam: Where is the Manuscript now?
  • Le Chasseur: The man who brought it said a man named Washington sent him.
  • Shay: I know that name, he's an important Templar isn't he?
  • Liam: He is, Lawrence Washington has great ambitions that Templars have helped fulfill. Shay, let's return and find him. You sir, have our thanks.


The Morrigan was outfitted with better equipment to make the voyage to Anticosti, where the Assassins learned that the Manuscript was in possession of the Templar Lawrence Washington.




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