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"I wish to provide God for those who seek His salvation, not spoon feed His word to those who already have their own."
―Father Timothy to the gathered Homestead residents.[src]


Father Timothy was an English resident of the Davenport Homestead during the American Revolution. He presided over the local church, helping his fellow residents in various matters.


Timothy hailed from London, but traveled to America to spread the word of God. He eventually found his way to the Davenport Homestead, where the Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton met him while he was resting at the Mile's End, Oliver and Corrine's tavern.

There he explained his occupation as a pastor, following which the fellow Homestead citizens exclaimed their want of a church in the area. Corrine mentioned that she and her husband, Oliver, had been missing their Sunday Mass; Ellen added that she wanted her daughter, Maria, to read the Bible more. In response, Connor gave Timothy the £1000 he needed to fund the construction of a church.

Initially, some of the Homestead's residents were unfriendly due to Timothy's English roots, as they had encountered problems with the British Redcoats. However, they eventually accepted him; Father Timothy later presided over the wedding of Myriam and Maurice, and the funeral of Achilles Davenport, where he dubbed him the "old man on the hill", dropping a white rose onto his coffin while wishing him a well-earned rest.

Connor was initially wary of Timothy, and only became close to him after Achilles' funeral, expressing interest in attending a church service. The two eventually developed a habit of playing Fanorona together at the Davenport Manor, just as Connor and Achilles had done.

He could also be seen standing outside his house a short distance away from the church, where he often met with other Homestead residents to read mail.


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