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"Medicine can be tonic or poison. The only difference is the intent of the physician."

Timosa (died c. 429 BCE), also known by her epithet the Physician, was a healer and a member of the Order of Hunters branch of the Order of the Ancients in Makedonia during the Peloponnesian War.


Exploits in Potidaia

When the leader of their Order tasked the Order of Hunters to hunt down the "Tainted Ones", and sent them to Makedonia in Greece, Timosa ultimately came to to the village of Potidaia. While there, she became the village's doctor, setting up a makeshift clinic near the docks.[1]

Soon afterwards, the village was attacked by Spartans and razed to the ground. In addition, a strange plague seemed to be quickly spreading among the villagers.[2] All of this, however, was a part of the plot of the Order of Hunters to lure in the Spartan misthios Kassandra, whom they had deemed to be a "Tainted One."[3] The 'plague' in Potidaia was not a disease at all, but a poison Timosa had added to the village's well.[4]

When Kassandra arrived at Potidaia, Timosa noticed her and left the village, telling the Magistrate of Potidaia that she was going to get some herbs to fight the plague. Instead, she contacted her Order, requesting backup, as well as to meet with the pirates who brought her more of the poison. However, the Magistrate was suspicious of Timosa, and sent his men after her. One of the men hit her, and Timosa pretended to lose consciousness.[4]

While the Magistrate's men were wondering what to do, Kassandra reached them. Alarmed, the men attacked her, and she fought them off. When she approached Timosa, the Ancient 'regained consciousness' and thanked Kassandra for her help, telling her that the men had attacked her, and that bandits had taken the medicine she needed back at the village. Kassandra agreed to retrieve her medicine, and boarded the Adrestia.[4]


One of the ships was crewed and captained by Persians, and along with the medicine, Kassandra retrieved a note which revealed that Timosa had instructed the bandits to bring her Kassandra's head. Pondering all this, the Adrestia docked at Potidaia, and Kassandra found Timosa in an argument with the Magistrate, with Natakas nearby.[4]

Natakas had discovered the poison in the water, and both the doctor and the Magistrate were busy blaming each other, forcing Kassandra to pick a side. Revealed, Timosa merely smirked and told them that it was too late, that Potidaia was good as gone, thanks to the poison. Two Persian soldiers appeared, and Timosa attacked Natakas while Kassandra fought the Persians. Ultimately, Timosa was slain, and Kassandra retrieved a note from the Magi of the Order of Hunter, the Huntsman, from her body.[4]

Behind the scenes

The name of Timosa, a character in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey{{ }}s DLC Legacy of the First Blade: Hunted, (Τιμοσα) is an Ancient Greek name meaning "I did". [citation needed] She shared her name with one of the Persian King Darius III' consorts.

Timosa, along with Bubares and Pactyas, is the only member of the Order of Hunters who has to be slain as part of the main quest of the DLC.

If the Magistrate is accused, Timosa's Persian soldiers will still appear, and the player needs to kill them in addition to the Magistrate and his men. Afterwards, Timosa will announce that she can no longer stay in the village, and leaves.