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Timo was a general serving the oligarch of Naxos Island, Phoenix, during the Peloponnesian War.


At some point after Myrrine reached Naxos and rose to power among its archons, Timo came to serve her. She rose to be a general in her ranks, and acted as a kind of a bodyguard to Myrrine, staying by her side. When the Spartan misthios Kassandra, Myrrine's daughter, came to the island, Timo didn't hesitate to interrupt the mother/daughter meeting to inform Myrrine that forces from their belligerent neighbor, Paros Island, had landed.[1]

Timo fought on the beach alongside Myrrine, Kassandra, Hektor and others, and lived to see Paros blockade Naxos,[2] and participate in the following clash with the Parian fleet, including their leader, Silanos.[3]


  • Timo always stood by Myrrine, and seemed to have formed a bond with her. How deep that bond was, or what its exact nature, was never expounded on.
  • Despite being Kassandra's ally through Myrinne, Timo can be knocked out and recruited as a lieutenant for the Adrestia.




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