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Timo was a general serving under Myrrine, the oligarch of Naxos, during the Peloponnesian War.


Service under Myrrine

Myrrine: "What's wrong?"
Timo: "Soldiers from Paros just made landfall in the cove. A small force, maybe a dozen."
Myrrine: "Myrrine"
Timo: "Maláka! Timo, gather the troops."
—Timo and Myrrine on the incoming Parian attack, 429 BCE.[src]-[m]

During Myrrine's tenure as the obligrach of Naxos, Timo served as her closest generals and bodyguard, always staying by her side.[1] In 429 BCE, she and the other generals attented a meeting organized by Myrrine in regards to the frequent attacks from the rival island Paros. A short while later, as Myrrine was reunited with her long lost daughter, the misthios Kassandra, Timo interrupted their meeting with a report that Parian forces had landed on the western beach of the island. Alongside Myrrine, Kassandra, and another general Hektor, they fought and eliminated the Parian forces on the beach.[2]

After Myrrine spent a day catching up with Kassandra, Timo arrived at the villa to inform Myrrine of her upcoming symposium at the Temple of Dionysos.[3] Timo also lived to see Paros blockade Naxos,[4] and participate in the following clash with the Parian fleet, including their leader, Silanos.[5]


  • Timo always stood by Myrrine, and seemed to have formed a bond with her. How deep that bond was, or what its exact nature, was never expounded on.
  • Despite being Kassandra's ally through Myrinne, Timo can be knocked out and recruited as a lieutenant for the Adrestia.




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