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Timo was a general serving under Myrrine, the oligarch of Naxos, during the Peloponnesian War.


Myrrine: "What's wrong?"
Timo: "Soldiers from Paros just made landfall in the cove. A small force, maybe a dozen."
Myrrine: "Myrrine"
Timo: "Maláka! Timo, gather the troops."
—Timo and Myrrine on the incoming Parian attack, 429 BCE.[src]-[m]
ACOD Death and Disorder

Timo with Aspasia, Kassandra and Myrrine at the symposium

During Myrrine's tenure as the obligrach of Naxos, Timo served as her one of her closest generals and as her bodyguard, always staying by her side.[1] In 429 BCE, she and the other generals attented a meeting organized by Myrrine in regards to the frequent attacks from the rival island Paros. A short while later, as Myrrine was reunited with her long lost daughter, the misthios Kassandra, Timo interrupted their meeting with a report that Parian forces had landed on the western beach of the island. Alongside Myrrine, Kassandra, and another general Hektor, they fought and eliminated the Parian forces on the beach.[2]

After Myrrine spent a day catching up with Kassandra, Timo arrived at the villa to inform Myrrine of her upcoming symposium at the Temple of Dionysos.[3] At the same symposium, Timo remained beside Myrrine during her meeting with Aspasia, as they discussed a possible assassination attack on Myrrine by the Cult of Kosmos. When Kassandra returned after dealing with the assassins and a pouch of drachmae, Myrrine instructed Timo to give the pouch to the merchants' guild as she had promised them sometime earlier.[4]

Timo was later present alongside Myrrine as they awaited Kassandra's return from destroying the Parian blockade.[5] She and Myrrine then had a brief moment together before participating in the final clash against Silanos.[6]


  • Timo always stood by Myrrine, and seemed to have formed a bond with her. How deep that bond was, or what its exact nature, was never expounded on.




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