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"We can't let the truth get out, they'll find out about the artifacts. It will cause too much disruption, too much chaos. Bury our constructed skeletons near Tim White's expedition in Ethiopia. We'll give them their missing link. The birth of humanity. The truth makes me sick."
―A Templar in a letter to a fellow Templar, 1997.[src]

Timothy "Tim" Douglas White (born 24 August 1950) is an American paleoanthropologist.

In 1997, White was part of an expedition in Ethiopia to uncover remains of archaic humans. The Templar company Abstergo Industries knew that modern humans were created by the First Civilization.

Wishing to keep the general public unaware of mankind's true origins, Abstergo buried constructed skeletons near White's expedition. After the expedition uncovered the skeletons, the remains were believed to have belonged to a "missing link" between archaic and modern humans.