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Fabio: "I know you are used to better accommodation in Toscana–"
Ezio: "It is perfect."
—Ezio Auditore and Fabio Orsini discuss the headquarters.[src]-[m]

The Tiber Island headquarters was a building located on Tiber Island in Rome, and acted as the base of the Italian Assassins following the destruction of the Villa Auditore in Monteriggioni. Originally a storage facility owned by the Orsini family, control of the building was handed over to the Assassins by Fabio Orsini in 1500, so as to allow the Order to establish a foothold in Rome.[1][2]


The headquarters could be found in the basement of the island's largest structure, and was accessible from the rooftop, the street, the river, and the city's tunnels.

Function-wise, it was similar to the Villa Auditore, with a few additional features. Its rooms included an armory that displayed armor sets and weapons, a painting gallery that showcased purchased paintings and the portraits of fallen targets, and a ceremonial hall that was used to induct Assassin recruits into the Order and grant them the rank of Assassino. A view point on the roof was used for the initiation Leap of Faith performed by the recruits.

The appropriate guild's crest would appear on the wall near to the fireplace, upon the completion of any of the four sets of Rome's Guild challenges, and were labeled to have been awarded to Ezio by the other Assassins in tribute to his skill.

Any recruits of the Order could often be seen milling around or speaking to each other in the rooms of the guild, when not out on missions.

Interestingly, all the plain red banners around the headquarters were in good condition, but the banners that showed the Assassin insignia appeared to be tattered and worn. Similar banners with the insignia were also present in the Villa Auditore.


There were a total of seven entrances to the Tiber Island headquarters: the street entrance, rooftop entrance, tunnel entrance and four river entrances. The street entrance was located at the south-west corner of the building, inside a brief tunnelled enclosure. The rooftop entrance was located at the upper most point of the building. It was north-east facing, opposite an affiliated viewpoint. The tunnel entrance could be accessed from any of the other 18 tunnel entrances scattered around Rome. There were four different river entrances situated around Tiber Island.

The main hall was the focal point of the headquarters' interior. It housed entrances to all the other rooms, held a guild management area, a guild ranking board and once recruited, a total of three apprentices accumulated there.


The Armory

The armory was located to the east of the main hall. The four guild crests were displayed here as a tribute to Ezio's skill, once the corresponding challenges had been completed. Along the eastern side of the armory were the armor sets purchased or unlocked by Ezio, spanning five in total; The Roman armor set, the Rondelle armor set, the Plate armor set, the Seusenhofer armor set and the Armor of Brutus. The models of Leonardo da Vinci's war machines were also on display there, being the chariot machine gun, the naval cannon, the bomber and the tank. As well as this, one Assassin recruit could be found in the armory, browsing through a book shelf.

Weapons room

Weapons room

The weapon hall was located on the opposite side of the main hall. It held a feather chest, for the ten feathers located around Rome, and the entirety of Ezio's purchased and unlocked weaponry. There were a total of three weapon racks, two heavy weapon racks and two small weapon stands.

Weapon rack 1
Weapon rack 2
Weapon rack 3
Heavy weapon rack 1
Heavy weapon rack 2
Small weapon stand 1
Small weapon stand 2

Painting gallery

Painting gallery

Accompanying its other functions, the headquarters possessed a painting gallery, which consisted mainly of Raphael's works and portraits of Ezio Auditore's assassination targets.

Initiation hall

The initiation hall was an addition to the Assassin headquarters, which was where Assassin recruits and Claudia Auditore were formally inducted to the Assassin Order.



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