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Machiavelli and Ezio on one of Tiber Island's bridges

Tiber Island, or Isola Tiberina, is an island located on the Tiber river, in central Rome. During the early 16th century, the island served as the headquarters for the Assassin Order in Rome, and as a base of operations for Ezio Auditore's war against the Borgia.

While Ezio went out to undermine the Borgia's rule over Rome, Niccolò Machiavelli stayed on the island, training new Assassin recruits sent to him by Ezio. The island itself also featured a bank, a pigeon coop, and four shops: a blacksmith, art merchant, doctor, and a tailor.

Assassins Guild

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The building was initially a storage room owned by Fabio Orsini, but it was given to Niccolò out of Fabio's wish to gain freedom from the Borgia. Externally, the headquarters was a very tall but largely unassuming building, which could be entered from either its roof, the street, or through the Tiber river.


  • In the Animus mini-map, the Tiber Island hideout was marked by a white Assassin insignia on a black background.
  • The shops on Tiber Island were the only ones through which shop quests could be accessed.
  • There were no guards on the island.
  • When Ezio became notorious, no wanted posters would be pasted around the island by the Borgia.
  • Tiber Island was historically a place of healing, and home to a Temple of Aesclepius in pre-Christian times. This may be a metaphor for the Italian Assassins "healing" Rome.


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