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This article is about the crocodile hunter in Memphis, Egypt. For other uses, see Thutmose.

Thutmose was an Egyptian resident of Memphis, Egypt during the 1st century BCE.


In 48 BCE, Memphis was plagued by an increase numbers of crocodiles, leading Thutmose to be hired to hunt down and control the crocodile population in the city. During his hunt, Thutmose discovered trails of blood in the waters around the city, leading him to believe that someone was possibly luring the predators with the blood trails which led to the increase in appearances. Believing that there was more than he alone could deal with, Thutmose enlisted the help of the Medjay Bayek of Siwa. The Medjay agreed, and Thutmose told him to eliminate the crocodiles in front of the Palace of Apries.[1]

Bayek did so, and later met with Thutmose in a cave beneath the palace. There, Thutmose revealed that he caught sight of two individuals dumping human organs into the waters around the city, luring the crocodiles closer. Thutmose gave Bayek half of his payment, entrusting him to deal with the culprits and end the attacks.[1]


  • Thutmose was very fond of rhyming, constantly creating 'poems', and fashioning titles, especially for himself.



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