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ACR Thunder bomb

A thunder bomb with fuse casing

A thunder bomb is an explosive device that cripples or kills people within its blast radius through its powerful shock front.


In the early 1500s, the Master Assassin Piri Reis taught the Italian Assassins' Mentor Ezio Auditore how to craft and use thunder bombs, as they could be made with any shell or gunpowder type combined with coal dust.[1] The Ottoman Assassins had found them to be highly effective in direct confrontations, as detonating even one such bomb could stun either of the Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire's most heavily-armored soldiers, the Almogavars and Janissaries respectively. However, due the indiscriminate nature of its lethal blast force, civilian casualties were a very real possibility when they were present. Thunder bombs were one of only two types of bombs in the Ottoman Assassins' arsenal that could open up sealed wells, with the other being splinter bombs, though they did not have exclusive use of them, as Byzantine, Ottoman, and local Templar bombers also carried the explosive.[2]




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