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AC1 Altair Thug Pickpocket

Altaïr pickpocketing a thug

A thug was particular type of civilian that could be found in the major cities of Damascus, Acre, Jerusalem and Masyaf during the Third Crusade.

Thugs carried throwing knives and were one of the few types of civilians to not back down from a brawl if provoked.[1]


Thugs were burlier and tougher-looking than most civilians, and were most notable for carrying throwing knives, which Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad could pickpocket. However, if a thug caught him pickpocketing, they – as well as any within the area – would proceed to fistfight the Assassin.[1]

Thugs would never flee from a scuffle, instead choosing to fight until they collapsed. If their opponent drew a blade, however, they would run off immediately.[1]


  • There is an achievement in Assassin's Creed for pickpocketing forty throwing knives successfully from thugs.
  • Whereas thugs in the cities of Damascus, Acre and Jerusalem wore identical clothing, thugs in Masyaf had their own outfit.