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Throwing the Bet was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met a man taking bets on the Olympics.


Kassandra comes upon an elongated field and hears an unenthusiastic bookmaker, above the tiered seats beside the field, calling for bets.

  • Street Vendor: Place your bets, place your bets now! Who will win the javelin? It could be you!

She approaches him.

  • Street Vendor: Come on, place your bets. Place your bets now! Aletes has plenty of drachmae for you to win...
  • Kassandra: Your pitch could use some work. You'd attract more customers if you sounded more... enthusiastic.

Aletes lowers his voice to conversation level.

  • Street Vendor: Everyone's betting against Pithekos. Rumor is, he's off his game. If it's true, I'm going to be ruined!

  • Kassandra: I could take out his opponent... for the right price.
  • Street Vendor: Tempting, but no! Well, not this time.

  • Kassandra: What if I recited a poem? One of Pindar's... You know, to inspire him to greatness.
  • Street Vendor: Look, um, Pithekos is good, but, uh, he's not really that kind of athlete.

  • Kassandra: All right. Let's hear your plan, then.
  • Street Vendor: Just... go see what's wrong. See if there's a way to help him win... For Athens. For drachmae!

  • Kassandra: I'll see what's wrong with Pithekos.
  • Street Vendor: Thank you! I'll split the winnings with you if you can sort things out.

  • Kassandra: If that's all you need, you go check on him.

Kassandra returns.

  • Street Vendor: I really need someone to check on Pithekos the javelin-thrower. If he doesn't win, my business is sunk!

(Back to dialogue choice one.)

Kassandra goes down the steps then onto the field where Pithekos is and she talks him.

  • Kassandra: Pithekos, Aletes sent me to help you.

He looks up to her from examining a javelin.

  • Olympian: Really? Can you perform wonders?

Kassandra humors him.

  • Kassandra: On occasion.
  • Olympian: My lucky javelin. It broke. Can you fix it?
  • Kassandra: Aren't you meant to use the official javelins?
  • Olympian: Yes, but... It was my lucky one. I can't win without it.

  • Kassandra: Superstition must be part of being an Olympic athlete... Under the eyes of the gods and all.

  • Kassandra: When you say "lucky," you mean special. As in made to give you an advantage.

  • Olympian: Look, my javelin was hollow as a reed and nearly as light. But it looked just like an Olympic one. If you really want to help, bring me another like it, and I'll win the Games for Athens... And Aletes.

(If players choose "Where do I get a javelin?")

  • Kassandra: Where would I find such a javelin?
  • Olympian: Well, you could buy one, I suppose.
  • Kassandra: Do any of your fellow Olympians have special javelins.
  • Olympian: Perhaps...

  • Kassandra: Don't worry, I'll get you a javelin.
  • Olympian: Thanks! Maybe I've still got a chance to win...

  • Kassandra: All this for a stick? Get it yourself.

Kassandra returns.

  • Olympian: Have you had a change of heart? Will you get me a special javelin? It must be light as a feather!

(Back to dialogue choice one.)

(If players decide to steal a javelin.) Kassandra went inside the open-air gymnasium nearby, and northwest of its training area is a javelin rack—some fallen over. She picked up one of the fallen javelin on the ground.

  • Kassandra: This looks like it'll work.

She brings back the worn javelin to Pithekos.

  • Kassandra: I got you a javelin.
  • Olympian: Good! Let's take a look.

After he tests it for a while.

  • Olympian: This is terrible... So heavy. Zeus himself couldn't throw it!
  • Kassandra: The javelin is just a tool. You're the real winner. You didn't get all the way to the Olympic Games just to lose.
  • Olympian: You think so?
  • Kassandra: I know so. Throw this javelin and... prove your point.
  • Olympian: I'll do it. Thanks, misthios.

(If players decide to buy the standard javelin.) Kassandra went to the agora surrounding the Olympic Tree and found a seller of javelins.

  • Kassandra: You sell javelins?
  • Street Vendor: Of course! Lucky you, I still have some left. With the Games on, they sell out fast.
  • Kassandra: But are they any good?
  • Street Vendor: The best! Fly fast and true, rest assured. But they'll cost you.
  • Kassandra: I'll take one.

She gives the merchant 2000 drachmae.

  • Street Vendor: Thank you, and may it fly far!

Kassandra brings back the simple javelin to Pithekos.

  • Kassandra: I got you a javelin.
  • Olympian: Good! Let's take a look.
  • Kassandra: Here, take this.

After he tests it for a while.

  • Olympian: Hey, this javelin's amazing! Light, easy to handle, and most importantly, looks just like the real thing.
  • Kassandra: I'm glad I could help. Go with Nike, my friend.

Kassandra left the field.

  • Kassandra: I should find Aletes.

She returns to where he was the last time.

  • Street Vendor: Good, you're back. Get it done?
  • Kassandra: Of course.
  • Street Vendor: Excellent! How about a little bet on our boy then?

  • Kassandra: You can never have enough drachmae. This will be an easy bounty.

Kassandra hands him a huge pouch.

  • Street Vendor: Huh, that's a lot of drachmae! The event's tomorrow. Make sure you're on time.

  • Kassandra: I'm not really the gambling type, but I'll give it a go.
  • Street Vendor: No, you're not. Hardly worth betting, but your loss. Don't miss the competition. I'll see you on the sidelines tomorrow.

  • Kassandra: No. I've done my job, and now I want my drachmae.
  • Street Vendor: Suit yourself—more drachmae for Aletes.

He rewards her.

(If players bets for Pithekos after being given a standard javelin.) The next day, Kassandra returns for her stake.

  • Street Vendor: Where were you? You missed everything. Look at this, what a magnificent throw!
  • Kassandra: As long as I made a profit, I'm happy. Now pay me.

(If players bets for Pithekos after being given a worn javelin.)

  • Street Vendor: It's no use! Pithekos lost. His javelin barely cleared his hand. I'm ruined!
  • Kassandra: We all lost...
  • Street Vendor: You, you were meant to help!
  • Kassandra: I don't know why I bother.


Kassandra replaced Pithekos' javelin and thus renewed his excitement for the sport.



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