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  • Ubisoft teased us with ‘evidence’ that Desmond was still alive all the way back in Black Flag. (Security stations all with his photo front and centre, as though he was considered high-risk to watch out for.)

    It’s reasonable that if Abstergo wanted to throw off any snooping assassins, they’d claim him dead and reference autopsies etc etc, so that ‘evidence’ is questionable from a narrative perspective.

    But Ubisoft crafted multiple security stations overtly indicating otherwise. If it was deliberate and not a mistake made multiple times, it could be absolutely killer. They’ve played a long game. Introduced a host of new characters and kept Desmond away to give us a chance to tolerate/like them. Reception seems to have been lukewarm. But we do know them now.

    Now it’s time to back Desmond. To give us a reason to care about these randos. To give us a game set in the modern age with a new Brotherhood being built, ending with the protagonist who started it all.

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    • Except those security stations are just using photos from his dossier and autopsy report stating that he’s dead. Everything indicates that Desmond is dead (at least in a physical sense; we can argue the Grey later). I think you are stretching. Desmond’s son would be a better choice.

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    • From his dossier, sure.

      But why? Who tells security to watch out for a corpse?

      I think it’s either a stuff-up of Ubisoft (which seems unlikely, considering the security stations are an optional access area and it was specifically created in the game *after* Desmond ‘died’) or its a deliberate teaser. I don’t think it’s stretching at all, based on these factors.

      I do think it’s possible that Ubisoft may have had a plan that they’ve since abandoned though.

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    • I think it’s just an Easter egg to the previous game. They had an asset of a computer looking at Desmond’s autopsy report and just copy pasted in the security rooms for flavor instead of adding anything with actual narrative value to the environment. It’s not like there was anything explicit about security having been issued a BOLO for Desmond.

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    • It would be interesting if perhaps Desmond returned as some kind of Digital ghost, not unlike Clay or Juno.

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